Saturday, March 8, 2014

Broken Down

If you have seen my car on the side of the road this past week, don't car didn't break down.  Poor Battley has had such awful stomach issues this past week that I can't get anywhere without pulling over multiple times to help her.  The nights seem to be better since we started our GI plan of attack, but it seems like the nights got better and the days got worse.  I could complain here, but I have nothing to complain about because she is here.  And she feels good and is so happy when her stomach feels good!  So...what else...

Her new chair/stroller came in this week.  It's really cool.  So far we are just using it around the house since I can't push her and push JM in the other stroller.  She likes it.  I will get some pics posted this week.

Her respiratory infection is all cleared up!  This should really go at the top of this blog post because I am serious and it is for sure the most important thing I have to say.  WE HAVE SEEN ANOTHER MIRACLE.  Did making it all caps help get my point across?  I'm so serious...she literally has been healed and brought back to us again.  I have to pinch myself sometimes.  This is my verse lately:
Psalms 30...I like the whole thing, but verse 5 I have to repeat to myself a lot...
Weeping my endure for a night, BUT JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!

When I'm pulled over on the side of the road for the 5th time of the day and cannot seem to help B I have to remember that JOY is coming.  And it always does in that sweet smile of hers!  

We are back to our normal routine of going to therapy each week.  We missed 3 weeks with her being sick.  Hmmm...that's it.  Oh, well I do have an update of sorts on her torticollis but it will have to wait until next time.