Saturday, March 31, 2012

nap time

I am typing with one hand and holding B with the other so it'll be short.

Last night was rough.  We had to give Battley some oxygen a few times since she wasn't breathing well.  It's very hard to see her struggle to breathe and not be able to fix all her problems.  Adam and I just prayed and cried and held her.  She finally did better around 2am and we got a few winks of sleep.

Today Hayden had a soccer tournament so Adam took him and my mom helped out around here again.  I was able to take a nap this afternoon.  Adam's turn is coming.

We had some great friends from Columbus stop by for a few...I didn't get any pics...oops!

Tonight we are gonna give her a bath and curl up to watch some basketball...we haven't had a tv on for days except when H watched a few minutes of a movie in our room the other night.

I'll leave you with a pic of her in her bouncy seat (she's only been in it a few times; the bouncing is a little much for her but it's a nice seat) of the items from an emergency trip to Target...thank you Lord!  She loves her binky!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Due Date

Today was Battley's due date!  If you remember back a few posts, you will remember that Abbey wrote a devotional for her church's lenten study that was for it is again:

Psalm 118: 15-18, 26-29
In these verses, the psalmist writes about God's enduring love for us.  “The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!” (v. 15)  How true that has been for our family.  My husband, Daniel, finished his last maintenance chemotherapy treatment in September after being diagnosed in 2009 with lymphoma.  Due to side effects from his treatment, we were unable to naturally have another child.  But by God‘s grace, in late March, we are expecting our second daughter, Emma Kate, through the first successful ‘natural IVF’ in Mississippi.  As you read this, she should have just arrived!  "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." (v. 29)

We do have so much to be thankful for, but what I thought would be one of the happiest times in our lives has turned out to be one of the hardest.   My best friend, who has basically been my sister since age 5, and I found out we were expecting at the same time and are due just days apart.  When we each had our sonogram to find out the sex of the babies, we were so excited to hear they were both girls!  But here’s where the hard part comes in.  When my friend and her husband went for their sonogram, they learned their daughter had some complications.  Through extensive testing, it was discovered their daughter has Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder where most babies do not survive long after birth.  This was devastating news for she and her family and for the two of us. It’s as though all the dreams we’d had for the two of them growing up together (like we did)  just disappeared.  And although I know I shouldn’t, I feel so much guilt knowing that Emma Kate appears to be healthy.

It’s during times like this I have to remind myself that God has a plan and a purpose.  Although I feel hurt and sorrow over this, I must remember He is with us, sustaining us with His love.  My friend and her husband have been a wonderful testament of faith and hope.  Although all of this has been so painful for them, they have shown so much strength and courage, and witnessing their faith has helped strengthen Daniel’s and my faith as well.  It’s so clear to us that God is carrying them during this time, just as He has done for us during our trials.

Going through this makes it easier for me to identify with what Jesus’ followers must have felt after his death.  The feeling must have been so hopeless, filled with confusion over what God’s plan was in this.  But thank God that Easter morning was in the plan too, and because of what Jesus did for us, no matter how long my friend’s sweet baby girl has on this Earth, we know that one day we will meet again.  What a day of rejoicing that will be!

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever."

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for being strong when we are weak and for carrying us through the trials in our lives.  I ask that you comfort those who need it most right now.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Ab was able to come over for a few minutes today so that we could get some pics with our girls together...I am so excited that we made it to March 30th AND we were able to get pics of us all together.
 "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever."

My mom helped out big time today so that Adam and I could do more hanging out with Battley.  My dad came over for dinner (which was delivered...thanks!) and we had this from my dear friend Kristina and her family:
This special delivery came with dinner from our friend Adia:
and a pic of Mac b/c he was walking by the camera...poor pugs have been downgraded to second class citizens around here.
We got the pics from our photographer today from Battley's birth.  Hopefully we will have time to go through them all and show you a few soon.


Brain Teaser

If you tie a cow to a fence and he eats all the grass he can reach, what shape will be eaten in grass?

I remember this riddle from 4th grade.

Battley has an apnea monitor that she's been wearing at night only. This means that during the day one of us has to have an eye on her at ALL times. That is the only way we know if she stops breathing. It's been an adjustment to learn how to get the things done that need to get done and make sure we both get a shower and a few minutes to ourselves. We chose not to have her wear it all day though because like the cow that can only reach so far, she could only move the length of the cord around our bedroom.

Here's a pic of some precious socks her Aunt Jennell sent yesterday:

More to come later...just had a quick break.


Answer to riddle: semi circle

Thursday, March 29, 2012

1 week old!!!!!

We sang Happy Birthday to Battley tonight at dinner.  Her Meme sent these cupcakes for her 1 week birthday.  We couldn't be more thankful for Battley this past week.

Today was such a great day.  Hayden, of course, went to school.  Adam and I spent the whole day just relaxing with her.  Then we decided to brave a soccer game...I sat in the car with Battley and watched H play.  Adam got out for a bit...not sure if he coached or just watched.  I'm pretty sure his brain is too tired to coach.

Battley wore this to the soccer game:
It says "I love My Hayden".  We always ask the dogs "where is your mom" "where is your dad" "where is your Hayden" so we used that for the shirt.  She was sleeping when I took this...only opened b/c of the flash.

and a pic of her in Meme's arms tonight:
Hoping for many more of these weekly birthdays...

Sorry for the lack of posting today...we are worn out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6 days old!

Whew...what a day!  I'm again blogging from home...and I have the sweetest angel on my lap!

We had a great night again last night...we both got SOME sleep!  We didn't do the best job planning our morning though...we both ended up with about 10 mins to get out the door and realized neither of us had had a shower.  Maybe we'll do better next time...oh well!

Doc appt 1: The cardiologist
To be quite frank about it, her VSD is large.  The doc wants to see her back in 3 weeks to put her on some medicine.  It will probably be 2 meds to keep the blood flowing the right way.  If the meds work and we get to 6 months or so we will look at putting a band in to stop the backwards blood flow.  There is a doc who will do this in Jackson.  It would be a big surgery...we will just be praying in the mean time and cross that bridge when we get there.  Good news: her heart condition is not life threatening at this could become so in weeks though without meds...and they aren't guaranteed to work...sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

I hope you will forgive my lack of proper punctuation...just trying to get an update out quickly.

Doc appt 2: The pediatrician
This appt was simple.  The doc is wonderful...she is very familiar with T18.  She is just there for us if we need something and will write orders for hospice.

Tomorrow we have nothing to do and will spend the day relaxing at home and just enjoying Battley.  I also hope to get camera pics going so we can share more.

This came yesterday...can you believe how tiny it is?  It's so cute!

Battley checking out her bassinet right after we got home:

Now...if you fall into one of the following categories please discontinue reading HERE:
* you are a male
* you still have an ounce of respect for me
* you are under the age of 18
* you get grossed out easily
okay...I trust've been warned if you choose to go further!

We didn't have time to make it home during appts so I had to pump while we were out.  Adam parked the car down a street that had no cars and I did my thing.  I was in the back and the windows are tinted.  We were laughing because most folks who "go parking" do so for different reasons.  Adam said, "so this is what adult parking is."  I just thought that was too funny!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I am blogging tonight from HOME!  We are so excited to have her here with's a miracle!  She's a miracle!

This is gonna be quick because I'm kinda tired and we have a busy day tomorrow.

Abbey welcomed Emma Kate into the world on Monday.  I saw a pic today...can't wait to give her some sugar!  She looks like a toddler to me though...Battley weighs 3lb-11oz and EKate weighs 8lb-5oz!!!

Tomorrow we will go see a cardiologist and her pediatrician.  It will be a challenge to handle 2 appts with her feedings (she is still tube fed), but we are up for the challenge!

Today had its ups and downs...we could surely play high/low with today and have lots to talk about.  

Battley was great apnea spells!

We met with hospice and got all her equipment transported to the house: apnea monitor (we've decided she will only wear it at night when we are sleeping or when we just can't possibly pay full attention to her), oxygen (not for full time use...just if she needs a quick breath), and her feeding pump.  That pump was a challenge...we got a different one than we used in the hospital and the first time we used it at home was a bit of a disaster...stressful too.  Some really awesome ladies solved that problem for us though!

We had to say goodbye to all B's nurses.  We love them so much and feel like they are part of the family now!

Adam's parents had to leave and head home today.  We thought we would get to spend some time with them at home,  but it just didn't work out that way.

A pic of our sweet gal in the carseat on the ride home:
More pics to come when/if we can get some time to get them off our camera.

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us.  You can't imagine how lifted up we feel because of that.  We read each one of your messages...even though responding may take us a while.  They mean so much to us!


Monday, March 26, 2012

Tough Day

Battley has had two episodes today of apnea (when she stops breathing on her own). This happened once Friday, but she was in the NICU at the time. Today she was in the room with Catherine and Adam both times. She is attached to two monitors at all times that monitor her breathing and oxygen levels. The monitors alerted them both times, and they put an oxygen mask just in front of her face and gave her a rub and she began breathing again on her own both times. She turned blue both times, and I am sure none of us can imagine how scary it must have been. When they go home they will be taking the monitors and rescue oxygen with them. They also met with the cardiologist today. They thought there was a chance of going home today, but he wants to increase her feelings a little more before releasing her. It's possible they will be leaving tomorrow. On a good note, the neonatologist cut the skin tag that has been holding her left eye shut. Both eyes are wide open now. She is so alert and even more beautiful today than I remember her being yesterday! They have all had the best days they could have imagined until today. Four perfect days and one bad that has shaken them very badly. Everyone of us has bad days that make us appreciate the good ones so much more. Please pray for good and happy days to come. When it is time for Battley to go home It will be such a blessing and the answer to many prayers. At the same time, it will be a scary and overwhelming experience. As Catherine has posted before, they want visitors and can't wait to show off little Battley. Once they have had time to settle in they will post here that they are ready to have visitors. Until that time they ask for your thoughts and prayers, but they know you will understand their need for privacy during the transition. Adam says many people have asked about food. If you would like to sign up for a meal click this link: Go to "find a meal schedule" search by recipient last name: Terhune password: soccer if the schedule is full Or if you have any questions email Michelle Cooper at and she can open up more slots. Providing meals will be such a wonderful way to make sure that the can focus all of their energy on Battley and Hayden. Let's just work to make sure that coordinating meals does not become a burden. As Adam says, "people keep asking me what I want to eat. My brain hurts too bad, and I'm too tired to even know or care." Catherine's quote, " I need food in my body to make milk for my baby. I couldn't care less what that food is....I'll eat it!" I'm guilty of asking what they want every time I've been up here. Hello! This is The South. We show love by feeding people! The website gives you the option to let everyone know what meal you will be taking. This can help eliminate getting the same meal over and over. Their only request is that you bring whatever your family would love. One less decision for them to make will be greatly appreciated!!

Please Pray

I just received a text from Catherine asking me to please update the blog. All she said was that it had been a rough day and to ask everyone to please be praying. I hate to leave such a vague message, but I do not have any details. Please pray for strength and peace for the entire family. I'll give an update as soon as I know more. Amy

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Night

What a fun day! Battley was weaned from 1.0L of oxygen down to .5L this morning and was doing great. Later this afternoon the oxygen tubes were removed and her face was cleaned. Mom was most excited, proud, and she cried some joyful tears to see her without so much restrictive tubing.

Mom and Dad learned how to insert a feeding tube today (this is something we'll do at home someday). Notice the feeding tube is positioned on the other side now. Tonight is the first night Battley will be with us the entire night.

Catherine's friend Abbey will have a birthday for their Emma Kate tomorrow. Please pray for Abbey and Daniel and their doctors tomorrow. We can't wait to meet Emma Kate.

Daniel is ready. He said he's storing some sleep beforehand. I reminded him not to forget a razor (something I neglected to pack in our hospital bags).


Woobie Fort

Initially we were using the woobie to keep the bili-blanket light out of her eyes. Then I wanted her to stay warm too so daddy made her a fort.

YouTube Video

3 days old

Adam is still sleeping so I thought I'd send out a little update. We are getting ready to celebrate 3 wonderful days with Battley. Man, I love her SO much!!

She got to our room about 8am yesterday (sat) and stayed until 10pm or so I think...not totally sure. She was sleeping on my chest and I fell asleep too!

She hung out on her bili blanket (for jaundice; blue glowing light you see in pics) most of the day. Then she tested well so we got to ditch it! Yea!

She had one apnea spell where she quit breathing early yesterday morning but none with us yesterday. They just jiggled her a little and she started right back.

We are still hoping and praying we can wean her off oxygen so hopefully we will know more today.

I will probably be discharged today but they have a nice rooming-in room all set up for us in the NICU. She will stay in our room full time then.

Hmmm...other things...we got a call yesterday from a friend who knows the cardiologist the inside hook up to see her!!!! Woo-hoo!

Had some great visits from friends yesterday.

Still plan to go home late Monday or Tuesday...we will see though.

Adam's parents are watching out dogs and acting as H's thankful for them!

A few pics from yesterday:

The sign Amy made for the door...recognize the 4 birds or the pink dogwood bloom?

Hayden giving her some sugar...
He crawled up in my bed last night and held/snuggled her while the guys watched the Syracuse game.

My finger...she looks big in pics till you put something beside her to make a size reference to.

Got dressed after we lost the bili blanket...snuggling that woobie. Adam made her a fort under it yesterday and she slept for hours like that.

Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers. God is so Good!!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday evening update

We had a great day today. Battley had her feedings increased, got her light treatments for jaundice, and got to hang out with us a long time.

Today I got to get up and go hold her in the NICU and she came to my room a few times. She spent most of the afternoon with us.

We got some great photos but are limited to camera phone shots for the blog for now.

Tomorrow we plan to work on her feeding some and Adam and I will learn more about how to take care of her at home. We may go home on Monday or possibly Tuesday.

We had a few visitors yesterday and today, and Amy made her a sign for the door. It's too cute!! Pics to come...

Here are a few shots from this afternoon. She was just hanging out in my lap.

We love her so much and are so thankful for her!!

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Friday afternoon update

We had a great night last night. Everyone slept well.

Today Battley has eaten well with her feeding tube. We are still trying to get her to take a bottle...waiting on her to be more awake/alert to try again.

She is using oxygen now, but only as much as we breathe. They are trying to wean her off totally today. Great news!

The cardiologist took a look at her heart ultrasound. The VSD (hole in heart) is large. It isn't a huge issue right now but could become one. We will plan to go see the cardiologist in person soon for more info.

Battley did suck on a pacifier for a few minutes today!! Yea!

She had a little jaundice so she got to hang out with the bili blanket.

A few pics:

And one of our little glowworm with her shades on:


A Little Video

Jennifer took some footage of our first bath yesterday and I took some with our video camera too. Wanting to get something up quickly and show her off, this one is from my phone...

YouTube Video

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Thanks to everyone for all the prayers. Our sweet Battley Cate:


In mom's room

Battley has been bathed and checked head to toe. She is now in Catherine's room. Everyone is taking their turn passing her around. Gwen asked the nurse if it is possible to "ruin" her before she even gets home. The nurse said if the family doesn't do it the nurses in the NICU will! If you checked the latest pictures I sent out you have seen that Battley has a full head of dark hair. The nurses put a sweet little pink bow under her little cap. As far as Battley she is one tough little girl. The Dr. Says her lungs look good and they think they will be able to take her off the oxygen soon. They haven't tried to feed her yet because she does have a small clef in her palette so she is on a feeding tube. They will do a sonogram later today to check her heart. Adam was with her the whole time she was in the NICU. The photographer (jennifer) said Adam wouldn't leave her side while she was back there, and he got to help give her her first bath. Oh, Adam said he also got to help with the first poopy diaper! It doesn't seem fair that the moms do all the work and the dad get to enjoy these first experiences! Catherine should get to come home Sunday or Monday at the latest. If Battley doesn't get to come with her hopefully she will follow soon after. I'm heading out now to let everyone rest and enjoy some family time together. I'm sure Adam will post some pictures once he has some down time or I'll try to do it from a computer I know a little better! Oh I can't sign off without saying that Hayden also held Battley now that she she been cleaned up :)


Hopefully everyone who texted me has received their pictures of Battley by now! We all think she looks like Hayden. She has the same mouth and chin he had :)(she has a little dimple in her chin). We all got to visit with the two of them before they took Battley off to the NICU for testing and the first bath. She is so tiny but she was already trying to push her little hands out of the blanket and she was making the sweetest baby noises. We thought she might open her eyes, but no such luck. I'm no doctor so I don't know if that means anything, but it was soooo good to see and hear!!! Hayden passed on holding her for now but both grandmothers jumped at the chance! Catherine is resting now while Adam is with Battley in the NICU. We haven't heard any updates on her yet, but I will post again as soon as we do.

Battley meets Hayden

Adam just came in to report that the girls are doing good! He took Hayden back to hold her. No surprise but I can't get the pictures off the iPad to the blog :( Text your e-mail address to 601-500-2604 and I'll send them the old fashion way :)

Welcome Battley Catherine Terhune

She's here and she is beautiful!!! 3 lb 14 oz. We have only talked to the photographer who says Battley is breathing on her own and crying! They gave her a little oxygen and she is in the NICU for evaluation. Once Catherine is out of recovery they will bring Battley to her room. We saw pictures of C seeing her for the first time and Adam holding her. I'm going to do my best to get some pics up now.


Hey y'all! This is Amy! I volunteered to update the blog for C and Adam this morning (everyone here in the waiting room has expressed their thanks at not having to be the one to have the responsibility). Hopefully I get this most important job done without messing up the site. I've never been known for my computer skills :) I am here in the waiting room now with Hayden, Catherine's family (Jeff, Gwen, and brother Forest), Adam's parents (Jackie and Earl), and family friend Wanda. Abbey will join us in a little while. When I got here Gwen and Forest were back seeing C, but only for a few brief minutes. They said she was glad to see them, but quick to say it was time for them to go! They are getting her ready to go back now. Once they are ready to go they will let Adam come in. I've been told he will have his own seat very close to C's head and very far away from the business going on behind he curtain. No one needs to be distracted from their jobs by Adam passing out! Keep checking in. I'll post again as soon as we get an update.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Thank you to all who have called, emailed, and texted. We are so thankful to have so many prayer warriors for Battley. Please pray for these people:
Dr Gebhart
Dr Mitchell
Brandy (B's nurse)
All others involved with her delivery and care
Jennifer (photographer that will be in OR with us)
Our parents, family, and friends

Thank YOU!
C and Adam

PS. Battley's tree had a bloom on it this morning!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The time came sooner than I thought it would!  Nooo...not time for Battley...that's on Thursday...time to tell this story!  I suppose I can laugh about it took a while!

Where to start?  I guess I decided that this is actually something I can laugh at last week...Hayden loves basketball (along with every other sport) and is fascinated with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.  We have all the Magic/Bird stuff ever to come on the TV saved on our DVR if you get bored.  A new show came on last week called The Announcement (very good show by the way).  It was about when Magic found out he has HIV and had to retire from the NBA.  He made a comment during the show that I'm sure we can all relate to.  It was something like this: there I was smiling on the outside for everyone like everything was fine...knowing on the inside that I was in the middle of a crisis.

Pretty soon after we found out what was going on with our precious little girl I was surely feeling like that.  I suppose that all the pressure just got to me one day and I snapped!  As my friend Judene said, I had my CYBIL MOMENT!  I was really scared after it happened that it would happen again...I'm happy to report that as far as I know I've minded my good manners since.  So here goes...

Hayden was playing an indoor soccer game (yep...some of you reading this are saying to yourselves...I already know where this is going!) that was getting rather chippy.  Adam, according to Adam, grew up playing this kind of soccer so he doesn't think it's as big of a deal as the rest of the world.  Anyways, Hayden had been fouled without a call a few times and I could tell from his face that he was getting very irritated.  You know how you just know your kiddos and their moods by a look they give?  

So there I am sitting on the bleachers and look over to see a kid on the other team punch H in the back of the neck. 


You have never seen a mother hen fly up like I did...I knew what was coming!  I was off those bleachers before H knew what hit him.  H turned around and punched back!  SO unlike him, but he had had enough!  He was also probably feeling a little like I was.

Now normally I am the mom/coach's wife (yeah...that's right...Adam's the coach...that kinda makes this worse) who cheers for all the negative comments.

I can't remember everything that happened in the next few moments...let me just tell you about what I do remember:
marching around the soccer field like a mad woman 
pointing my finger in a grown man's face and yelling
yelling at the ref that the other kid needed to be thrown out of the game

Now let me show you what I probably looked like:

I turned around from yelling at the ref and saw Hayden's face...

no...not snap back to normal...snap back to GET OUT OF THIS BUILDING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE BECAUSE I'M GONNA BOO-HOO!

I made a dash for the bleachers to get my keys and out to the car I went...followed by sobbing in the car until someone came to make sure I was gonna make it.  I finally dried it up after a few and we went home.

Looking back now I am so thankful that this was the only "moment" I had.

You would think that that was the end of the story...but NOOOO! 

The next night we went to a Christmas music program at our church's downtown location.  When we were walking in I saw a grandmother from our soccer team who had been sitting next to me on the bleachers.  We had one of those look at each other...I know I know do I know you...kind of moments.  She figured it out first.

Here is what she said: "Oh, you're the soccer mom!"

Now, let me tell you what I heard: "OH my is this heathen, crazy soccer momma who has probably never set foot into a church...Lord, help her"

Talk about mortified!

But in all this I keep going back to what my mom always says: Chin up...Drive on!

All I can do now is hope that I wasn't wearing my kinda see-thru pants that day!  HA!



Well...we have about 48 hours to go!  WOW!

* We had a quick doc appt yesterday to get one final check of Battley's position and review what to do on Thursday.  Her heartbeat was good and strong and she was still doing her practice breathing...good news! She likes to hold her hands in front of her face when it's time to have her picture made...just like Hayden who likes to make funny faces when I take his pic.

* Amy has graciously offered to update the blog for us while we are in the hospital!  Yea Amy!

* Please forgive us if you email/call/text and we don't get right back to you.  You wouldn't believe the number of emails I get everyday...they are so encouraging to read, but I can't always respond right away.  Please know we love reading them though!

* Saturday night we got to go hang out with my besties and their hubbies for dinner.  Abbey and I had to get one pic of our bellies together.  She will have Emma Kate on Monday the 26th!  Amy wanted to take a pic with us but neither of the large ladies wanted to stand by her...haha!
* I finally broke down and bought the most amazing thing on Monday night.  It was hard to part with the cash since I have a homemade one, but I am SO glad I did!
I think it was $19.99...worth every penny...ha!  My back loves it!

* Today is my last day to work...tomorrow I plan to relax and get mentally ready.

* You know I like to I've got a funny story coming...


Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hayden ran the St Paddy's 5k this morning to benefit Blair Batson Children's Hospital.  He ran with our friend George and his friend Jake.  So proud of all of them!
Just before the finish line:
After (what a face!):
He finished in 23mins and 40seconds.
4 days until Battley arrives!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1 week

1 WEEK to go!!!

B will be here on our 4.5 year wedding anniversary!  Don't worry...we don't celebrate half anniversaries.  We just thought that was kinda neat since Adam was born on his parents' 10th anniversary.

Look at those babies!  

Not much to update here...just some last minute stuff we've been doing.

When Adam and I went out last Sunday we picked out a carseat and stroller.  We figured if we needed one we would just send someone with a list and some cash.  Well, then my cousin let me know that good ole Tar-jay was having a sale!  She's in the mail now!  AND we saved $100 and got free shipping...isn't Target the best?

We also had to get a new video camera...the one I got when Hayden was born is "a dinosaur" according to Adam.  It takes TAPES...gasp!  He says digital is the way to's just a cheap-o so we can record some good stuff.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Spring is less than a week away!  In addition to trying to get ready for Battley we are trying to work on our yard when we get a free moment.  There are quite a few projects going on right now.

We redid part of our front landscaping last year.  The cold weather came quicker than we could get ready for so we only finished 50%.  Our plan was to pick back up in the Spring...plans change!  We will get to it when we get to it now...oh well!

We got out this afternoon to check on a few things we do have going:

This is Battley's tree...we got her planted over the weekend.  Please excuse the weeds...they start to grow before the grass!  Adam is out fertilizing as I type.

Adam's peach tree.  He bought this on clearance at Lowe's a while back.  We made a deal that if he could eat a peach off of it he could keep it planted in the back.  He did!  It was the size of a walnut, but he ate it.

Found this in Southern Living last year.  It's a work in progress to get it to cover the trellis.

All the blooms and new growth are such good reminders to me of God's promises to us.

Here is a verse I am reminded of often:
Psalms 30: part of 5
weeping may stay for the night,
   but joy comes in the morning. 


We had a doctor's appt yesterday.  B's heartbeat was again good and strong!  We are a little more than a week away from getting to meet her and getting really excited.

Lots of you have asked about our specific plans for the big day.  Here ya go:
* We do plan to have someone...not sure who yet, but someone update the blog as soon as possible so everyone will be up to date.
* We will go in for a c-section on Thursday, March 22.  My doc, the neonatologist, nurses, photographer, everyone are all ready to go with our birth plan.
* Our goals are:
for B to be born alive
for her to enjoy whatever time God grants us with her
for her to come home with us as soon as possible...I understand this is confusing for some people.  There is no surgery that can be done to help her with the problems she has; therefore there is not much that being in a hospital can do for her.  The nurses will teach us how to best care for her before we leave.  We are still praying for her everyday...for her brain to tell her body to breathe and how to eat and for her heart to heal on its own.
* We don't know exactly when we will be coming home...guessing Sunday or Monday.
* Once we get home we would love for you to come visit with long as your aren't sick and don't mind washing your hands! 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Weekend

Here is a pic of everything I ate on Saturday:

Apparently some kind of bug is going around and I got it...yuck!  It's a good thing we didn't have anything to do this weekend because from Friday around 5 until Sunday around 2 I didn't leave the house.  Adam and I got out for about an hour this afternoon just so I could say I did something productive.

We had to get back home in time to see the March Madness brackets be announced.  Our team didn't make it, but we still fill out our brackets every year and play for some type of prize...normally the winner picks where we eat dinner out one night.  

Now, not to brag but I have won the last 2 brackets we did!  Impressive, right?  Nooo...not March Madness brackets, but Top Chef brackets...ha!  Adam and I love that show and we always pick our top 3 winners.  I've won the last 2 seasons.  

Hayden usually wins the basketball pool and he uses his win to make us all eat wings.  

Adam's mom, Jackie, sent us a pic of Adam's bassinet.  I am getting so excited that we may be able to have Battley sleep in here!!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

We have a project to do outside this weekend.  It's getting done rain or shine!  It's really the only thing we have to do this weekend!!!  

Our good family friends, the Rays, gave us a Pink Dogwood Tree to plant in honor of Battley.

Here is what the blooms will look like:

Aren't they beautiful?  And so fitting that it's a pink tree!

My mom used to teach a children's sermon during church when we were younger.  I remember that she used to talk about the Dogwood in our yard and used it in a sermon one time.  She has a white one in her yard.

The Dogwood blooms right before Easter.  She used to tell us that the flower was like a cross and the center was a crown of thorns.  The edges sometimes get more brown/purple and look like blood too.

I'm really excited about planting it so we will be able to enjoy it everyday.  We've picked the perfect spot in the backyard where we can enjoy from the patio or from the kitchen/breakfast room window!  Then if we ever move, we can just take the tree with us.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 weeks

In 2 weeks Battley will be here!!  Wow!

Just a few pics:

I asked Adam if he liked my shirt/dress that used to be a's a shirt now!  Ha!

A few pics from H's match yesterday.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There is really no point to this blog post...just an update I suppose.  

The past few days I've been forgetting simple words that normally come naturally.  I've also forgotten a few names.  Adam makes fun of me remembering names, but I swear if I hear a person's name one time I will always remember it...not lately!  So if I've seen you lately and sounded like a Jeff Foxworthy bit, please forgive English ain't so good right now!

Other than forgetfulness I feel okay...just tired.

Spring Break is next week.  We aren't doing anything this year.  I'll be working, and hopefully my trusty helper will want to work a few days with me.  It's so nice to have someone help carry heavy stuff!  I'm talking about Hayden this time...not Zeke.  That will be the last full week I work.

Hayden decided to run the St Paddy's 5k this year!  It's to benefit Blair Batson Children's Hospital (where we saw cardiologist for Battley).  He's getting all geared up for that. 

Have you read this?

Hayden had to read it in school this year so I read it too.  It's a good read...the first sci-fiction book I've ever read and liked.  We have been waiting on the movie to come out and were planning on going to the midnight showing just for a fun experience.  It comes out on March 23...the day after Battley will be born.  I don't think we will make it to this one.  Oh well!

Here's a sneak peak of the bedroom far we have painted and hung the curtains...

And something we got for Battley last week:

My friend Kristina suggested we get her a woobie...did I spell that right?  Now she will have something soft in the NICU and know what we smell like when we aren't there.

You will notice both pics have my belly in the corner.  Adam and I do this all the time...take pics and send them to each other during the day.  Every time we see something funny we do it.  Most of them involve the pugs, which I'm sure we are the only ones that think they are funny:

These were from today:

One year for Christmas we went to Georgia and I made Adam and H stop at the cabbage patch factory Babyland.  (Adam just corrected me!)  They weren't happy.  It was just something to do to say we had done it.  It was fun to see them squirm too.  Anyways, I saw this on TV today...these people "raise" cabbage patch kids and were having a "play date".  I texted Adam to see if he needed a new hobby.

He texted back that his new hobby was going to be selling chicken nuggets of famous faces...this lady sold one on eBay for thousands.

I know...I know...dorks!  At least we think we are funny.

I've said this a few times lately, but I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine.  

Oh, and back to the Secret Target for those of you wondering.  My girlfriend, Totty...what a fun name, right?  Totty is a sales rep in Virginia.  She told me about Secret Target a few years ago...I've been loving it ever since!  Targets don't all get the same merchandise.  So if you are like me and travel to different cities with other Targets you can find things your local one doesn't have!

March 22, 2012.  That will be Battley's birthday!  It's kind of surreal that it's March already.  I wouldn't say we are ready now, but I think that in 2 weeks we will be.  

Thank you to everyone who reads our blog...we appreciate all of your support, kind words, and most importantly your prayers!