Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a few more pics

I mentioned briefly that our nurse, Rosa, is out of town.  I got a quick picture of her and B when she was here last...they look deep in conversation:
Just for the record:
* B weighed 7lbs-2.5oz last night...I know this is less than at the doc the other day, but they weigh her with clothes and we do it right before bath time
* B eats 60mL (that's 2 oz) 6x per day...3, 7, and 11am and pm...yes, we still get up in the night but have it worked to a science now!  

What else is going on around here???
The usual getting ready for school stuff...H goes back to school in a week...ahhhhhh!  I'm not ready!  He IS!

Dinner time...


Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday update and random stuff

Here's a sweet video of H and B from this afternoon...she's smiling in her sleep:

if you can't see this, let me know...I literally have no clue what I am doing with this Mac!

Cannot believe I am about to post this, but I am!  You NEED to get this app for your iPhone...H put it on mine.  It is high-larious...hours of entertainment...really fun if you can do this over the speakers in your vehicle!  It's called AutoRap and I cannot wait to show this to my parents...will be even funnier to see them use it.  

Well, curse of the MAC...I can't figure out how to post the rap we made today.  It's called Battley Cate's To Do List.  It's funny...guess you'll have to trust me.

Battley is FINALLY fever free for a few days in a row!  Yea!!!

We have a new drink around here...limeade!  We had one at Brent's drugstore a while back and can't get over them...they have some secret trick that we can't get exactly the same though.
I've spent the past few days searching for a new mirror trick...think we may have found an idea...a video monitor for the car...they make these!  Adam's gotta investigate...apparently "video" stuff falls into his jurisdiction.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Nice List

Blogging may be hard for a while...Adam decided to swap my computer for a!  I haven't used one since college and am lost!  I have some pics on my camera that I can't get loaded to this thing yet, but I did manage to figure out how to get one or two from my phone from today...

Look who is on Santa's NICE list!!
Santa has an AWESOME handle-bar mustache that you can't see in this pic!  As a side note, H wants to grow one!

Our doctor's appointment yesterday went well.  The doc thinks that even if B did have a virus before it is gone now and her fevers are probably from a temperature instability issue...for the record that means Rosa, you were right if you are reading this!  (Our sweet nurse, Rosa, is out of town for a bit)  All is well and B weighed 7lbs-4.5oz there!!

H ran a 5k this morning:
Our sweet MB and I in our sweet baby shirts (her in Ava Grace's new shirt):


Friday, July 27, 2012

18 weeks

We have had quite a week around here!  My Gramma who lives 4 hours away came down for a visit.  She stayed with us for 2 days.  While she was here we:

* shelled peas...lots of peas...fresh from my uncles garden
* ran errands...Target, the Post Office, the bank, and had lunch out!  Quite a feat if you would have seen it!
* someone ran 14 or so miles...NOT ME!
* and squeezed in some work

Gramma holding B:

18 weeks old:
Last night H and I had our weekly tennis's the ONLY exercise I get so I'm glad it didn't rain this week!  We picked up dinner on the way home since they were giving away free sweet tea...H's favorite:

Today we are off to the pediatrician...just a check up.


2 things for my tennis buddy, Terri:
1. Did you know this post was about you? Change of Plans
2. Found the cup, filled it up, walked out of store, saw paper was still in cup...FAIL!

Monday, July 23, 2012

4 months and 7lbs

So I'm a day late...such is life around here!  Battley turned 4 months yesterday.  She also tipped the scales last night at 7lbs-1/2oz!  

We stayed home all weekend so our gal could sleep and try to feel better.  We had a cardiologist appt this morning.  There is no change in the size of her VSD (hole in heart).  I still hold a sliver of hope that a miracle could happen, but it didn't happen today.  The doc also looked at her x-ray from last week.  She thinks this is something viral and maybe B just has a harder time fighting off little things because her heart is working overtime.  Her x-ray looked okay though!!  Yea!  They were making sure she didn't have pneumonia.

When we left the doctor's office I ran a quick errand and left Adam and sleeping B in the car.  I was literally inside for 5 minutes.  When I got back in the car B was out of her seat and Adam said, "Uh...we are gonna need a change of clothes back here".  This is what happened next:

Don't worry...we are parked!  And you know what happens when the Terhunes park...chaos ensues!  Ha!  I had a fresh pink outfit for B.  We put it on and I passed her back to Daddy...then I hear this..."now let's work on that change of clothes"...uh...he meant for him too...hahahahahaha!!!!

A few pics from tonight...we had dinner with my parents at their favorite hole-in-the-wall!

We MAY have solved the mirror's still a work in progress.  I'll give you a hint about one of the possible problems though:



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sat morning

Battley had a very low fever for over a week, so yesterday afternoon we took her back to the pediatrician.  Her regular doc was out so we saw someone else.  She listened to her and then sent us to Batson for an x-ray.  Adam and I figured that it would be an all afternoon affair, but it seriously took us 10-15 mins from the time we walked into the door until we walked out!  Whew!  The doctor called back last night to say (lots of medical terms that I was furiously trying to write down as she said them)...basically she doesn't have pneumonia, but let's put her on some Amoxicillin just in case this could possibly turn that way.  I really think she already feels better this morning!  

Here's B all propped up with her Daddy this morning:

Thanks for all the mirror suggestions!  Adam and I will be working on that little project again this weekend!

I have been thinking back to how much things have changed for us since those first few weeks we brought B home from the hospital.  Remember this post?  A Day with Battley Cate  Our days are totally different now!  We are much more relaxed and not in constant fear that she will have apnea.  It's safe to say now that she doesn't wear her apnea monitor at night any longer.  We tried it for a night and then not again for a week or two.  Then one day we just never put it back on and put it away.  We still have it, but she is more comfortable without it on.  Maybe we will do another day with B post soon so you can see what all has changed.

Happy Weekend to You!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wed update

Blogging is obviously getting harder!  I always get up 30 mins before anything has to be done so I can piddle...pray, make some coffee for Adam, maybe a load of laundry, blog, water know...piddle.  Lately I've just been too sleepy in the morning because it's hard to put someone down at night and go to sleep!

THANK YOU all so much for buying a Battley Shirt!  My girlfriends who put those together are the BEST!  They were so kind to think of Hayden when they designed the shirts...they wanted something a little manly looking for the dudes!  And I love what my friend Stephanie wrote me recently...go team Battley!

We have gotten a few calls from those of you worried that this means we are in a financial crisis...not the not fear.  My friends know first hand some of the costs we are facing and that we have taken a pay cut since B was born.  Again...we are good!  Don't worry until you see a for sale sign!

Battley had a little fever over the weekend so we stayed home for a few days.  She went to the pediatrician on Monday just to make sure everything was is!  I share that because I wanted to share this...her doctor said, "Oh Miss are looking juicy and plump these days"!  How funny!  She was 6lb-14oz last night!

Our latest adventure (which is sarcastic...this is not fun at all) is trying to get a mirror fixed in the car so that I can ride alone with her.  We have been through 3 mirrors and none of them work well!  I can see her, but not clearly enough to feel comfortable.  We moved her seat to the center of the car, I put the bar down on her car seat, and I have no idea what else to try!  School is starting soon here so I would like for it to be done by then in case we have to go somewhere.  If you have a suggestion...please send it.

Here's a pic of B from 2 nights ago...we were propped up in our jammies chatting before bed:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fundraiser for Battley Cate

Hello everyone! This is Kristina, a friend of Catherine's. I wanted to post a little something that I am so excited about. As you know, Battley just turned 16 weeks...YAY!!! What a blessing she is!!! In that 16 weeks, the Terhunes have not only had the expenses that come with having a newborn, but they also have had other expenses due to her special condition. To help offset these expenses, Julie Roberts & I have designed a t-shirt we will sell in honor of sweet Battley. They will be $13 and you can choose from purple or brown. The colors have a tweed/70's appearance so they aren't a totally solid color. All shirts can be ordered through Friday, July 20 at noon. If you would like to help support this precious family by ordering a t-shirt, please send an email to: Please include your name, color & size you would like. The sizes available will be: Youth XS-XL & Adult S-6XL. I will contact you with further information. Thank you for all of your prayers & support.


Just a few pics for today...

this one is dark, but so cute...snuggling in bed with Hayden while he eats ice cream:
One from yesterday:
And last night my parents and Aunt came over for dinner and guess what we had???...B slept through it:

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Working Girls

B and I are in the office this morning doing some work...both still in our jammies.  Here's B:

I've posted a little bit about my job in the past, but if you don't know...I'm a commercial carpet sales rep!  I LOVE my job.  I worked a long time to get it, and when I work I feel like I am just out having fun!  I LOVE the people I call on.  (Side note: H and I talk often about choosing a career that he will love doing every day)  Well, I'm sure most of you are wondering exactly what is going on now that B is here...

To be very honest Adam and I had zero discussions about work when I was pregnant regarding what to do after B was born.  By law you get 12 weeks of family medical leave.  We figured that with the outcome doctors were predicting, I'd be right back to work in 12 weeks.  Well...

God had something else in mind!  And boy are we glad he did!  

As for my job...the company I work for is a family owned company.  They have allowed me to keep my job, knowing that I am not able to make physical calls (which by the way are VERY important) for some undetermined amount of time, for now.  How about that?  A company that supports families!  How blessed am I to have them as an employer!  So, I do what I can from the home office (or kitchen or living room or sometimes doctor's offices...wherever B is) each day.

Oh...well I had more to say, but we had a little clothes changing session and now we have to get ready for milk.  Here's a video:



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

16 weeks and one mystery solved

I don't have any pics to post today...sorry!  

Battley, H, and I got to do something really cool this afternoon.  We went with Betty (our sweet friend who is 6 and a half with T18!) to one of her Physical Therapy sessions.  She also does OT.  It was sooo cool to watch her do her thang!  We also found out who the link is from us to Betty.  I had to call her personally to say thank you this afternoon.  She didn't even realize she was the reason we have these new friends.

Batte (seems to be the nickname that we use most often) will be 16 weeks tomorrow morning!  If you can't already tell, we are so thankful that God has given us this much time with her.  She is SO cool!

If we aren't friends on Facebook, please look me sweet friends helped me start a Battley group!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Battley is still sleeping this morning so I have a few minutes...

We did some relaxing this past weekend.  We didn't venture too far from home except to cookout with Betty (and her family).  Battley has still been very snuggly...which I LOVE!  

Betty's sister made this from some pics she took of B when I was holding funny!!  I love the faces B makes!
Thank you all so much for your prayers.  We are still facing some very tough decisions and are praying for guidance and peace.  

Gotta cut it short gal is calling

Thursday, July 5, 2012

15 weeks

It's that time again...birthday time!  Another week with Battley...a great reason to celebrate!

We had a very uneventful few days around here...yea!  The reflux is still getting better.  Her feedings will be slow to get back to normal...don't want to put too much in her tummy at a time.  Right now she is taking 2 hours of milk and off for 2 hours.  We are working back to feeding for 30mins every 4 hours.  So far...good!

Yesterday H ran his 2nd 5k.  He did very proud!  A few pics from my phone and the race's FB page:

B's shirt says "Little Sister"

Meem and B...Hayden creeping in:

We had a quiet 4th after that.  B had a little tiny fever that seems to have gone away now.

I was contacted yesterday by another T18 Momma!  Her daughter is 3!  I'm really amazed at how many kiddos I have found without looking!  These emails are really exciting for me!

And B this morning...we are practicing holding toys today.  Hayden puts stuff in her hands all the time...chapstick, fruit snacks, whatever he has handy.  She, for some reason, thinks he's funny!  ha!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

100 day party

We all went to a friend's house on Friday night for dinner.  When we were there, they shared their daughter's birthday pictures.  Later that night when I was laying in bed I broke out the trusty ole calculator to see how many days old B was.  Turns out she was 100 days the next!  When we woke up on Saturday morning I thought we MUST take advantage of a bday on a weekend and have an actual party.  Who throws a party the day ice cream cake later we have a little party.  I wanted to make a cake, but sometimes things just don't work out...oh well!  

Our friends also lent us a baby swing...B LOVES it!  She loves to swing and is fascinated by the things that hang down.  B swinging while Momma gets ready:
Can you see that the cake says 100?  The lady at DQ asked me if I wanted it to say anything...I said she could write "100" on it.  She did.


Had to get a pic of my BFFs and all our kiddos:
B after the party all sacked out:
And on a totally random on my phone I thought I'd share...

I love this lotion...not for the smell (no smell) but it cleared up some dry skin B had immediately:
Our fourth of July buntings: