Thursday, August 30, 2012

23 weeks

Remember a while back when Battley met Santa at a 5k H ran?  Well, since Battley Cate is such a good girl Santa made an early house call to see her!  Here is a little preview I am so excited to share:
Santa Mac isn't just Santa...he and Battley had a little prayer session together!  I snuck a pic:
Santa Mac was involved with Make a Wish and local childrens hospitals where he used to live, so we will have to help him get set up with Blair Batson here.  He has a heart for Jesus obviously but loves spreading His joy through Santa.  VERY cool to hang out with him!
Battley is 23 weeks today!  Hooray!!!  I really do thank God for her all the time, but every Thursday is just another reason to shout it out LOUD!

This Hurricane Isaac has so far given us very little rain and wind here.  I haven't turned on the tv this morning though to see what is to come.  We are ready though.

I really wanted to post these pics yesterday, but instead I made a trip to MEA.  That is our local doctor's clinic.  They have this jingle on tv that goes  M...E...A...Medical Clinics  to a tune.  H always sings M...E...A...Make you wait forever to the same tune.  I started getting sinus issues on Monday.  
Well, thanks to the other polite patrons (who pulled up in their cars and waited the 45 mins for it to open like I did) most everyone did the first come-first in the door dance.  I was in and out in 30 mins...a record!  I got tested for EVERYTHING...strep, flu...I knew I probably didn't have them, but I told the doc that if B got sick because of me I would NEVER forgive myself.  Plus we have surely met our out-of-pocket max for the year with our insurance...why not use it!  After my shot of decadron for sinuses and a looong day yesterday I finally feel 98% again!  Surely to be 100% tomorrow!

H has a bday tomorrow...14!  And Adam's mom, sis, and neice will be here for a few days!!

Off to make milk for my girl!  

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Of all the things I thought I would ever buy my daughter, I NEVER thought this would be on the list:

That's right! A generator. We have too much equipment that relies on power to chance this storm that may be coming! Miss Battley does NOT like to be hot either. The heat zaps all her energy. So, we are all prepared for whatever is to come!

We also (thanks for the tip, Ms Jayne!) had our doc send a note to the power company with a list of our equipment. They will get our power on ASAP since we have that need.

Oh, and my dad was traveling for work so we got this thing 2 hours North of where we live. I called all over yesterday and couldn't find one in our area!

On to more exciting things...
My mom and I took B to have her footprints done last weekend:

We, of course, forgot to take a pic when we were pressing her feet into the clay! Oh well! It was a fun girls thing to do!

It is near impossible to blog lately...B is still sleeping this morning though so I had a minute.

Okay, I see that this post is totally random now. If I organize it though I may not have time to get everything down, so stay with me...

My Aunt Teenie (she's not my real aunt and that's not her real name either) had a poem on her fridge when I was little that started with "dust if you must". I don't remember the rest of the words, but it had to do with missing out on life while you were cleaning your house. It was written for people like me! Since B has been here it has been much easier to let all the other stuff slide. I'd rather sit and rock her and enjoy our time. Much better way to live!!

That's her on the left. Excuse the mess, please! Lol!

We are having Christmas in August here today:

Can you see a watermelon in the background? Haha! We are working on some Christmas pics.

And just to make this post even more random, a friend shared this funny site with us last week:

I made some shameful pics of our pugs for fun(Zeke doesn't like being called a dog though):

Oh, and look who just did something sneaky while I was looking away:

That's her tube on the blanket...that part is supposed to be in her nose! Time to go!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 months

Tomorrow my tiny little BFF will be 5 months old!  There are no words that I have to express how blessed we feel by this.

We had a little check up on Monday at the doc.  Nothing new...just upped some of her medicine since she's growing.

Last night she weighed 7lb-11.5oz!  So pinchable!

I have some more B shirt pics...keep them coming!  

They did a hay bail for B!!  How awesome is that!  We must go take our pic by it this weekend!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

21 weeks

Battley was 21 weeks this week!  It was our first full week of being alone all day since H went back to school.  We had a blast this week!  If I could get the little black pug to cooperate, it would be really easy!  He is a mess.

I am SO excited to have a few pics of you wearing shirts that I can post!  These pics warm my heart like you wouldn't believe!

What else?
* We have been painting hands and feet with my friend Amy this week...we have been painting Christmas and Easter stuff with!
* I went to get my hair cut.  Lauren asks, "do you want to donate your hair".  Maybe I didn't have quite enough to donate and leave myself a good ponytail!  Oops!
* Battley is so happy!  We sing silly songs, read, rock, and she naps during the day.  Have you ever heard of Peppa Pig?  Somehow I found our about her and we have been listening to YouTube videos of Peppa Pig this week.  
* B weighed 7lb-10oz last night!  I've had to clean out some things that are too small again!
* She is so funny about being held...if we put her down for a few minutes and she wants to be held she makes sure we know it!
* We are getting excited for MSU football...B is all ready with her outfits:
We went to dinner with our friends on Friday night and got a pic of everyone who was ready with Maroon Friday!

Here is my girl napping yesterday with her frog:

A while ago I found Carly Marie.  She is the mother of an angel baby.  After the loss of her son, Christian, she started a project to help other others who have lost their children heal.  Check out her amazing work and story here:

Today is the anniversary of her starting this project and a day she uses to help get a conversation started since sometimes the loss of a baby or child is something we avoid talking about.


Sunday, August 12, 2012


We are so excited to hear that some of you have already received your Battley shirts!  Please, please send us a picture of you wearing the shirt so that I can add the pics to Battley's photo album!  I would love to post your pic on the blog, but I won't if you don't want me to.  THANK YOU!

A pic of my sweet babies from today:
Battley's dress was a 100 day birthday gift from our sweet friend, MB!  If you look closely it has blue birds on the perfect!!

And I have to wish my Aunt Nita a happy birthday today!  We love you!


Saturday, August 11, 2012


I just did a little switch up-change up on the blog banner.  I also added a list of links to sites I read.  A few of my friends have super sites I look at, so I will add them as I get permission!  

B has finally hit 7lb-7oz...H's birth weight!  Woo-hoo...big girl!  Today we ran some errands and had dinner out with friends.

A pic of B from yesterday...she doesn't like her bouncy seat lately...not that she sits in it much anyways!  She prefers to be HELD!  I just love this look though...she was so says I'm so tired I'll sleep in any position.

her onesie says "Jesus Loves Me"...uh...AMEN!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nanny 360

So, you know that I haven't driven anywhere (except one 2 min trip to pick H up) with B in the car because I could not find a solution to be able to see her in her rear facing car seat...well...

We have had I-KID-YOU-NOT 4 mirrors for the car, and I've called glass and mirror shops to try to find a solution so that I can see B when I'm driving!

We started with this fancy, smancy number...came with a light and music that I can use with a remote control...couldn't see her at all!
 Then we opted for a model with a larger mirror...nope.
Then we got a mirror to use instead of using my rear view mirror...nope.
Then my kind friend gave us one that she bought and wasn't using yet...nope.  (this isn't hers...just a pic of the same one off the internet)

So then I went to begging for ideas!  My mom's friend at work who does IT was smart enough to Google video monitors and sent us a link to one!  Thanks Mack!! 

FINALLY!!!  It's here, and it is awesome!  Battley and I aren't stuck at home anymore!  I feel totally comfortable riding with her alone (without my backseat baby watcher) now that I can see her!

Here's a link to the monitor:

The camera that points down at her fits so nicely on the headrest!!!
My view of her...please excuse the mess:
and how she normally feels about the carseat:
YEA!!!!  I am so excited!


20 weeks

Battley is 20 weeks old today!

She is really into sucking on her fingers's so cute, but hard to get a pic's my best shot:
H started school this week...8th grade!

Adam and I have a sleep schedule: 
I go to bed early (sometime between 9 and 12) when we have milk ready for the night and everyone settled
Adam gets up at 3, walks to the fridge, gets milk out, puts in on the pump, and goes back to sleep
I wake up early and do the early feeding so he can sleep in...
it works well for us since he's a night owl and I'm more of a morning person!

Adam and B have had a little secret for a few days...I found out about it though! When I go to sleep Adam gives Battley her Binky and she doesn't spit it out!  WHAT!  I tried to give it to her and NOPE...she wants no part of it!  Hahaha!  Adam made a video so I would believe it...I can't upload it for some reason though.

Happy Thursday

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It's our last day of freedom...ahhhh!  Well, not ours...H's...he starts school tomorrow!  I am not ready!  I've loved having both my babies home with me this Summer!

A bit of what's been going on around here:

H ran a 5k last weekend:
and got a medal!!
Adam stayed home with B for that one...he sent me this pic during the race:
We experimented with pig tails...lasted about 30 seconds...I got 2 in, but by the time I snapped this pic only 1 was still standing:
And just a few pics from us hanging out yesterday:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We had a good day today.  Battley is such a happy baby...she wakes up in a good mood every morning.  It's a quality I wish I possessed!

There are a few exciting things going on here, but I can't post about them all just yet!  We are very excited that Battley's Gramma, Aunt, and Cousin are coming for a visit at the end of the month.  This is Adam's mom, sister, and her daughter who live in VA and NC.  They will be here for H's bday too!

A little more about Rosa...she works for our hospice company.  I think I've shared that we found her through our friends that also had her care for their sweet babies.  I was very curious about her job so I've asked her all about it...very interesting.  She doesn't only see children...thank Heaven there aren't enough sick babies in this area to keep her busy!  She does see all of this particular company's children though...I suppose she is just gifted in that area.  She (well, now that she is on vacation someone else comes but she will be back) comes 2x per week.  While she is here she answers any questions we have and checks on B.  I believe that the pic I posted was the first time she has held B.  B is usually sleeping when she comes.


PS- have to send a Happy Anniversary to the Super Coops from Battley!!