Saturday, August 11, 2012


I just did a little switch up-change up on the blog banner.  I also added a list of links to sites I read.  A few of my friends have super sites I look at, so I will add them as I get permission!  

B has finally hit 7lb-7oz...H's birth weight!  Woo-hoo...big girl!  Today we ran some errands and had dinner out with friends.

A pic of B from yesterday...she doesn't like her bouncy seat lately...not that she sits in it much anyways!  She prefers to be HELD!  I just love this look though...she was so says I'm so tired I'll sleep in any position.

her onesie says "Jesus Loves Me"...uh...AMEN!



  1. the internet guy is testing this for me so bear with me.

  2. Computer man has gone -- it is me now --- so all is well with the blog! NET