Thursday, August 9, 2012

20 weeks

Battley is 20 weeks old today!

She is really into sucking on her fingers's so cute, but hard to get a pic's my best shot:
H started school this week...8th grade!

Adam and I have a sleep schedule: 
I go to bed early (sometime between 9 and 12) when we have milk ready for the night and everyone settled
Adam gets up at 3, walks to the fridge, gets milk out, puts in on the pump, and goes back to sleep
I wake up early and do the early feeding so he can sleep in...
it works well for us since he's a night owl and I'm more of a morning person!

Adam and B have had a little secret for a few days...I found out about it though! When I go to sleep Adam gives Battley her Binky and she doesn't spit it out!  WHAT!  I tried to give it to her and NOPE...she wants no part of it!  Hahaha!  Adam made a video so I would believe it...I can't upload it for some reason though.

Happy Thursday

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