Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Morning

Of all the things I thought I would ever buy my daughter, I NEVER thought this would be on the list:

That's right! A generator. We have too much equipment that relies on power to chance this storm that may be coming! Miss Battley does NOT like to be hot either. The heat zaps all her energy. So, we are all prepared for whatever is to come!

We also (thanks for the tip, Ms Jayne!) had our doc send a note to the power company with a list of our equipment. They will get our power on ASAP since we have that need.

Oh, and my dad was traveling for work so we got this thing 2 hours North of where we live. I called all over yesterday and couldn't find one in our area!

On to more exciting things...
My mom and I took B to have her footprints done last weekend:

We, of course, forgot to take a pic when we were pressing her feet into the clay! Oh well! It was a fun girls thing to do!

It is near impossible to blog lately...B is still sleeping this morning though so I had a minute.

Okay, I see that this post is totally random now. If I organize it though I may not have time to get everything down, so stay with me...

My Aunt Teenie (she's not my real aunt and that's not her real name either) had a poem on her fridge when I was little that started with "dust if you must". I don't remember the rest of the words, but it had to do with missing out on life while you were cleaning your house. It was written for people like me! Since B has been here it has been much easier to let all the other stuff slide. I'd rather sit and rock her and enjoy our time. Much better way to live!!

That's her on the left. Excuse the mess, please! Lol!

We are having Christmas in August here today:

Can you see a watermelon in the background? Haha! We are working on some Christmas pics.

And just to make this post even more random, a friend shared this funny site with us last week:

I made some shameful pics of our pugs for fun(Zeke doesn't like being called a dog though):

Oh, and look who just did something sneaky while I was looking away:

That's her tube on the blanket...that part is supposed to be in her nose! Time to go!


  1. Love the pics, expecially the one with Meem, did I get that right? You should ask Doug about his house when we returned from the King Tut exhibit on Friday. His puppy really had a blast! Wow!

  2. I've seen that Shame dog is funny!
    I LOVE the Santa shall cherish those forever!