Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy 6 Months Party

Battley's 6 month birthday party was wonderful!  Let me first say that I do not and did not have time to plan a party.  When we had B's 100 day party we literally made lemonade and grabbed an ice cream cake.  My friend Sam did everything for this party!  She picked everything up, decorated, and then took pics for me during the party! 

A few pics from the party:
And then there's Amy...she ran over the morning of the party to drop off this onesie she whipped together that morning.  She had a look around and when she came back for the party she brought the party hat (she made all of this) and icing to fix the cake.  I have the most creative friends!
That's her fixing the cake.  Why fix it?  I ordered a plain white iced cake with pink fondant letters on top...I got something totally different.  It looked great when she fixed it!
 Smiling B:
The pic above I am just showing because if you look on the side of the fridge you can see B's handmade birthday cards she received earlier in the day from her friends L & N...we LOVE them!

and I finally have a pic of Sam to add!!
Thank you to everyone who was able to come!  It meant so much to us!  Battley got some adorable preemie outfits and some good books (okay...we read them first) to donate to some of the places that are special to us.

Thank you to Sam, Amy, and my mom (who made some of the food too).

We had these bracelets made for all our awesome prayer warrior friends and family:
I have to give my friend Stephanie credit for the "team Battley" idea!  We do have some left and would be happy for you to stop by and pick one up if you would like to sport one!
Not only was the 22nd B's 6 month was also our 5 year wedding anniversary!  Adam and I did go to dinner together that night to celebrate.  It was the first time since the moment B was born that one of us has not been with her.  Her Meem and H watched her, and of course everything went well!  Well...that is until we got home and I got sick.  I will not tell you where we went because it is our favorite place and I refuse to believe it was the food.  Anyways, Adam and I have done a LOT in our short (but it seems like waaayyyy longer) 5 years.  We would NOT still be standing without God in our lives.

Just had to add this pic because I love it so much...we ran over to Sweet Dreams this week to have B's footprints done:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 weeks

It's Thurssss-dayyyyy again!  Happy 27 weeks to Battley!  

For the past few weeks when people ask me how old she is I would say, "almost 6 months" and now I can say "6 months"!!  Woo-hoo!!  This is always followed by a confused look and "oh, she must have been a preemie!"  Sometimes I tell people our story and sometimes I just smile.  This always seems to be the same scenario anywhere we go.  Sooo...I stole an idea from my friend Julie and had some small cards printed with her name and our blog address.  This way we can share with everyone how good God has been to the Terhunes without tying up the check out line (that was an example...Battley doesn't actually go to many stores).

So...Battley's 6 month birthday party...I am working on a's just in my head so far...does that count?  It was such a wonderful day.  We were so honored that so many of our friends and family could come.  More on that later when I have a minute.

We decided after talking to Rosa that we could try to cut out the 3am feeding.  Our first night was Saturday night.  I'll make this story brief.  It's Thursday and we are back to the 3am feeding.  Battley gained a lot of weight when we did that, and she woke up ready to hang out each of the nights we were on this new schedule.  We decided that just because of the rapid weight gain that we were going back...the extra sleep helps too! 

Other stuff:

She is having a little bit of reflux (I thought we conquered this one) this!  We are working on fixing that today. 

She weighs 8lb-9oz

gotta run...I got through more than I thought I could.

oh, I'd like to point you all to my friend Amy's blog...this is for her daughter Ava Grace (remember I've asked for prayers for her before...she has T18 like Battley and is such a little firecracker)...she needs our prayers for healing:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

26 weeks

just a video for today...when the camera shakes it was because she kicked my hand...she was so excited!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Party Deets

Saturday, September 22, 2012
Our House
6 Month Birthday Party for Battley

NO GIFTS, Please!  This is just a fun way of celebrating 6 wonderful months!  If you feel that you just can't make it without a gift, please bring a preemie outfit or a good book (for any age child).  Battley will donate the preemie outfits to the NICU at Baptist Hospital where B was born and books to the Palliative Care team at Batson...both special places to us!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

25 weeks

I had to do another post today since B is 25 weeks old today!

Wakes up every morning happy and smiling
Likes to stick her feet out of the covers (just like her momma)
Weighs 8lbs-3oz
Has 70mL of milk every 4 hours
Likes the bouncy seat for a few minutes at a time...the swing too
Takes naps in the boppy pillow sometimes
Likes toys that make crunchy noises
Frogalina is her favorite (frog doll)
The car seat is growing on her and she naps in it when I play music in the car now
We love the toddler Pandora station and listen all the time
Loves to be rocked and snuggled
Smiles when we make funny noises
Does Not like the red dragon (named by our friends the's the bulb syringe for noses)
Is super happy about the weather getting cooler so she can go outside more
Loves bath time
Is a big cuddler
Still loves to be read to, talked to, sung to
Has the best brother that loves her so much
Pays no attention to the pugs
Has very long eyelashes
Is loved by so many people

I read a quote today that I really like.
When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. -Willie Nelson on the 22nd. I'll post some details ASAP. You're ALL invited (unless you are sick...we will send you some cake and a get well soon wish)!


Bulldogs Love Battley

So Amy was quite the traveling evangelist a few weekends ago!  She came over on Monday after the first Mississippi State University (Go Bulldogs!!) football game with a photo book for us.  I had to make a video so that you could see all the hard work she put into it.  Of course it made me cry that she would do this and now we have such a great memory forever!

H and I lived in Starkville for 4 wonderful years when I was in is probably my favorite place and holds so many great memories for me/us. 

Amy made this sign for the game:
Then she took it to the game and had different fans hold it.  Then she said it just kind of spiraled from there and she took it all over town to our favorite places to have pics made.  She got to tell so many people about Battley and how God loves her (and THEM!!) so much!  She even talked total strangers into wearing her and George's T18 shirts for the pics!
Please excuse my annoying voice!  I know I can't sound like this in real life!!  Hahaha!

How cool is that!

B is having a super week.  She is so happy in the mornings.  Here is a pic of her yesterday right after she woke up.  I just love that smile so much!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Save the Date

In less than 2 weeks Battley will be 6 months old!  I'm working on a little get together so SAVE THE DATE...Sat, Sept 22nd.  

Little recap of lately:

Battley has been fever free all week!  She feels so much better.  All of a sudden she is really smiley and is loving her toys.

Friday we had a visit from our BFFs:
Saturday H ran his first cross country meet of the season...he did very well...he placed 8th in his race!
Battley stayed home with her Daddy for that one.  This meet was 2 hours away...I have never been even close to that far from was hard.  We had fun though!

Adam's truck...what a piece!  He won't like me saying that, but argh...everytime we turn around there is something wrong with that thing these days.  He left the house one day last week and couldn't get it out of the driveway.  Lucky for us he is super handy and can fix anything!  My dad is out of the country right now, so we just borrowed his truck until Adam had time to fix his yesterday.

When Adam's sister came she brought us some of her baby stuff.  H found this yesterday and insisted on trying it out:
Battley Cate is not sold on it yet!

Skipping around...we found out that one of our friends is sick this week:
This is Max.  He also has Edwards Syndrome.  Can you believe that?  (T18 is also called Edwards Syndrome)  It's obviously something different in dogs, but ole Max just moved up on the list of cutest dogs ever!

I am still working on my Bulldogs Love Battley exciting!

And a few more shirt pics:
Oh...we LOVE those gals!!

and H had an away football game last week.  We were all hungry on the way home and I just happened to have my purple shirt in the car.  He had to wear it so we could go inside:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

24 weeks

Oh my!  Battley is 24 weeks old today!  She has been so happy and smiley this week!  I only have a minute to post, but I have a pic I had to share...

I'll just be super honest right here...I thought I was having an emergency last week.  I really wanted to get some pictures of B for Christmas and didn't think I was going to have time to do it.  God obviously saw things differently. 

This gown is just one she wears all the time to sleep in...I love that these pics are just her, in her gown, making Battley Cate faces!  They melt my heart!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More shirt pics

Battley really started feeling better last night. We put up some toys for her and she was so happy...check out this smiling gal:

Our doc appt today was great! It was good for peace of mind to have Dr B look at her! We even had lunch afterwards with her daddy!

She's napping now.

More Battley Cate shirts:

That's Amy with the "Bulldogs Love Battley" sign. She was hard at work this past weekend sharing B's amazing story all over the place! I will work on a post to share that this week. It will involve lots of pics!!

I am amazed by all the stories of sharing God's love through Battley's life! Each time we hear you were able to share something makes my heart smile!! God is good!!

If you have an extra minute, and I know you do because you are reading this, please thank God for the blessing of getting Ava Grace ready to go home to her own house! That little rock star is on her way there today! Her family needs lots of prayers this week as they adjust to this new phase. I am praying for comfort, patience, strength, and lots of good memory making fun for them!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

We have been blessed with another day with our sweet girl!  This weekend was full of highs and lows.  Battley had a fever...sometimes a very high fever...all weekend.  Today she is finally feeling a little better.  Adam's mom, sister, and niece were all here to visit.  We spent most of the weekend trying to comfort B and get her fever down.  It was super hard because we all wanted to hold her, but each time we did her fever would go up.  Since today is a holiday we will go see the doc tomorrow...we were able to start an antibiotic though over the weekend.

Some pics from our weekend:

We made one QUICK trip out:
and Happy Birthday on the blog to the best brother any girl could ever ask for:
We truly feel lifted up in prayer and thank each of you for that!  Please continue to pray for Battley as she tries to feel better!