Thursday, September 27, 2012

27 weeks

It's Thurssss-dayyyyy again!  Happy 27 weeks to Battley!  

For the past few weeks when people ask me how old she is I would say, "almost 6 months" and now I can say "6 months"!!  Woo-hoo!!  This is always followed by a confused look and "oh, she must have been a preemie!"  Sometimes I tell people our story and sometimes I just smile.  This always seems to be the same scenario anywhere we go.  Sooo...I stole an idea from my friend Julie and had some small cards printed with her name and our blog address.  This way we can share with everyone how good God has been to the Terhunes without tying up the check out line (that was an example...Battley doesn't actually go to many stores).

So...Battley's 6 month birthday party...I am working on a's just in my head so far...does that count?  It was such a wonderful day.  We were so honored that so many of our friends and family could come.  More on that later when I have a minute.

We decided after talking to Rosa that we could try to cut out the 3am feeding.  Our first night was Saturday night.  I'll make this story brief.  It's Thursday and we are back to the 3am feeding.  Battley gained a lot of weight when we did that, and she woke up ready to hang out each of the nights we were on this new schedule.  We decided that just because of the rapid weight gain that we were going back...the extra sleep helps too! 

Other stuff:

She is having a little bit of reflux (I thought we conquered this one) this!  We are working on fixing that today. 

She weighs 8lb-9oz

gotta run...I got through more than I thought I could.

oh, I'd like to point you all to my friend Amy's blog...this is for her daughter Ava Grace (remember I've asked for prayers for her before...she has T18 like Battley and is such a little firecracker)...she needs our prayers for healing:

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