Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bulldogs Love Battley

So Amy was quite the traveling evangelist a few weekends ago!  She came over on Monday after the first Mississippi State University (Go Bulldogs!!) football game with a photo book for us.  I had to make a video so that you could see all the hard work she put into it.  Of course it made me cry that she would do this and now we have such a great memory forever!

H and I lived in Starkville for 4 wonderful years when I was in is probably my favorite place and holds so many great memories for me/us. 

Amy made this sign for the game:
Then she took it to the game and had different fans hold it.  Then she said it just kind of spiraled from there and she took it all over town to our favorite places to have pics made.  She got to tell so many people about Battley and how God loves her (and THEM!!) so much!  She even talked total strangers into wearing her and George's T18 shirts for the pics!
Please excuse my annoying voice!  I know I can't sound like this in real life!!  Hahaha!

How cool is that!

B is having a super week.  She is so happy in the mornings.  Here is a pic of her yesterday right after she woke up.  I just love that smile so much!


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