Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More shirt pics

Battley really started feeling better last night. We put up some toys for her and she was so happy...check out this smiling gal:

Our doc appt today was great! It was good for peace of mind to have Dr B look at her! We even had lunch afterwards with her daddy!

She's napping now.

More Battley Cate shirts:

That's Amy with the "Bulldogs Love Battley" sign. She was hard at work this past weekend sharing B's amazing story all over the place! I will work on a post to share that this week. It will involve lots of pics!!

I am amazed by all the stories of sharing God's love through Battley's life! Each time we hear you were able to share something makes my heart smile!! God is good!!

If you have an extra minute, and I know you do because you are reading this, please thank God for the blessing of getting Ava Grace ready to go home to her own house! That little rock star is on her way there today! Her family needs lots of prayers this week as they adjust to this new phase. I am praying for comfort, patience, strength, and lots of good memory making fun for them!


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