Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy 6 Months Party

Battley's 6 month birthday party was wonderful!  Let me first say that I do not and did not have time to plan a party.  When we had B's 100 day party we literally made lemonade and grabbed an ice cream cake.  My friend Sam did everything for this party!  She picked everything up, decorated, and then took pics for me during the party! 

A few pics from the party:
And then there's Amy...she ran over the morning of the party to drop off this onesie she whipped together that morning.  She had a look around and when she came back for the party she brought the party hat (she made all of this) and icing to fix the cake.  I have the most creative friends!
That's her fixing the cake.  Why fix it?  I ordered a plain white iced cake with pink fondant letters on top...I got something totally different.  It looked great when she fixed it!
 Smiling B:
The pic above I am just showing because if you look on the side of the fridge you can see B's handmade birthday cards she received earlier in the day from her friends L & N...we LOVE them!

and I finally have a pic of Sam to add!!
Thank you to everyone who was able to come!  It meant so much to us!  Battley got some adorable preemie outfits and some good books (okay...we read them first) to donate to some of the places that are special to us.

Thank you to Sam, Amy, and my mom (who made some of the food too).

We had these bracelets made for all our awesome prayer warrior friends and family:
I have to give my friend Stephanie credit for the "team Battley" idea!  We do have some left and would be happy for you to stop by and pick one up if you would like to sport one!
Not only was the 22nd B's 6 month was also our 5 year wedding anniversary!  Adam and I did go to dinner together that night to celebrate.  It was the first time since the moment B was born that one of us has not been with her.  Her Meem and H watched her, and of course everything went well!  Well...that is until we got home and I got sick.  I will not tell you where we went because it is our favorite place and I refuse to believe it was the food.  Anyways, Adam and I have done a LOT in our short (but it seems like waaayyyy longer) 5 years.  We would NOT still be standing without God in our lives.

Just had to add this pic because I love it so much...we ran over to Sweet Dreams this week to have B's footprints done:

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