Thursday, August 30, 2012

23 weeks

Remember a while back when Battley met Santa at a 5k H ran?  Well, since Battley Cate is such a good girl Santa made an early house call to see her!  Here is a little preview I am so excited to share:
Santa Mac isn't just Santa...he and Battley had a little prayer session together!  I snuck a pic:
Santa Mac was involved with Make a Wish and local childrens hospitals where he used to live, so we will have to help him get set up with Blair Batson here.  He has a heart for Jesus obviously but loves spreading His joy through Santa.  VERY cool to hang out with him!
Battley is 23 weeks today!  Hooray!!!  I really do thank God for her all the time, but every Thursday is just another reason to shout it out LOUD!

This Hurricane Isaac has so far given us very little rain and wind here.  I haven't turned on the tv this morning though to see what is to come.  We are ready though.

I really wanted to post these pics yesterday, but instead I made a trip to MEA.  That is our local doctor's clinic.  They have this jingle on tv that goes  M...E...A...Medical Clinics  to a tune.  H always sings M...E...A...Make you wait forever to the same tune.  I started getting sinus issues on Monday.  
Well, thanks to the other polite patrons (who pulled up in their cars and waited the 45 mins for it to open like I did) most everyone did the first come-first in the door dance.  I was in and out in 30 mins...a record!  I got tested for EVERYTHING...strep, flu...I knew I probably didn't have them, but I told the doc that if B got sick because of me I would NEVER forgive myself.  Plus we have surely met our out-of-pocket max for the year with our insurance...why not use it!  After my shot of decadron for sinuses and a looong day yesterday I finally feel 98% again!  Surely to be 100% tomorrow!

H has a bday tomorrow...14!  And Adam's mom, sis, and neice will be here for a few days!!

Off to make milk for my girl!  

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