Friday, October 25, 2013


There is no point to my post today.  I just happen to have a few minutes while B is napping.

She is still cutting a few teeth.  I think for that reason she has not wanted to nap all week.  I was getting a little worried that she would never nap again...crazy me!  She would fall asleep when I was feeding her, I'd put her in her crib, and in 15 minutes she would be awake...smiling and rolling around.  Then if I left her she would start fussing.  She knows I will go get her...stinker!  BUT today she is really napping.  I'm thinking her nap time will be handy when her baby brother is here.  

We don't have a strict routine, but she usually sleeps until 8:30 or 9am except days when we have somewhere to go and I have to wake her up.  She really only wakes up that early because I give her Prilosec while she is sleeping and she will wake up about 30 mins later.  Then she will fall asleep when I feed her her lunch, sleep for 2 hours, and then go to bed about 12 hours after she woke up.  About once a week I try to let her sleep in without disturbing her...she will sleep sometimes until 11am, but then you can bet she won't be ready for bed until 11pm or later!  I just know she needs uninterrupted sleep every so often...don't we all!

When I went to make a bowl of cereal this morning I noticed that the milk Adam bought last night doesn't expire until Nov 9th.  There is no way that a gallon of milk will make it more than 3 days in this house with a teenager, BUT looking at that date really hit me...we will be home with a baby before that milk expires!  WHOA!

Here is B with a kiss:

What else is going on...I'm working on my "mom skills"!  I can cook, but there are some things I have no idea how to do and haven't ever had the time to learn before.  So far I've learned how to make gravy and homemade rolls.  I'm not sure what is next, but someday I'd love to love gardening...this won't be anytime soon though!  Now I just need to figure out what is next on the list.  Any ideas?  (none from you Adam...I'm sure he would insert a laundry comment)


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