Friday, May 2, 2014

Part of an Update

Battley has had a few really good weeks!  She is feeling pretty good!  So much is going on that I am not sure where to start...lists work pretty well:

* she had a sleep study last night.  Her daddy took her.  I am not going to post a pic because they DREW on her FOREHEAD!  It looked like "I" a cross and "I".  I hope it washes off SOON!  They didn't discuss the results with Adam so we will wait for a call from our ENT office.  We pretty much know what the results will be though.  It was for informational purposes only so we know how to proceed with some future decisions.  Nothing drastic is about to happen though.

* therapy is going well.  We have a Big Mack button we are working with.  I will post an old video.  My phone has been full for weeks so I don't have any new pics or videos. 

* B started shaking her head NO last week.  The first day (the day of my video) she just did it all day...then she didn't do it again for a few days.  I kept asking questions and shaking my head YES and NO to help her learn the difference.  FINALLY she shook NO in therapy when she didn't want any more prunes!  She did it one other time in context since, so we are working hard on YES and NO!  How awesome would it be if she could shake YES and NO!!!!

* Battley has a spot again at school in the Fall.  We are going for an evaluation next week!  The evaluation isn't to determine if she can go, but rather to make a plan for her goals there and find the best classroom for her.

* BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT NEWS OF ALL: Battley saw the cardiologist last week.  The last time, other than once when she was sick and then we didn't even see a doc, we saw her was Nov 28, 2012 when we found out she wasn't in heart failure.  Everything was looking the same!  Hooray and Praise the Lord!

Everyone else is good.  Hopefully I will get a minute soon for more...

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