Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wed morning

B woke up at 5:30am feeling like herself.  She was smiling and happy.  Hooray!

Overnight she met her goal for feedings and is off IV fluids.  There have been no feeding issues.  She is napping now.  I'm hopeful that when the doc makes rounds today that we can go to regular bolus feedings.  She is being fed continuously now...meaning it's slowly dripping in her gtube 24 hours a day.  Bolus feedings are like regular feedings.  A feeding of a certain amount...time between feedings...another feeding...just like we eat.

The nurses fixed up a "chimney" feeding that we still have going. She has a long piece of gauze hanging over the bed with a syringe hanging over her belly.  The feeding pump is slowly dripping into the syringe which is hooked to a line that goes into her gtube.  This is to let any air out that gets in there at first.  When we start the bolus feedings we will ditch the chimney part.

A reader emailed me with the REAL scoop on the feeding pump.  It's not discontinued!!  They are just changing distributors.  So...I started my quest to get the pump we really want this morning.  Like all other things, this may take me a few days.  Fingers crossed!  

I love when y'all email me.  It lets me know I'm not blogging for no reason.  I know my dad reads this, but some days I think that's it.  Haha!

I'll try to update later.

Oh, and I'm hoping to go home tomorrow!



  1. Catherine, I am always here! And I'm sure my friend Ann in Louisville checks in often too. She is a pray-er!

    I think Battley is amazing. Hope I'll get to meet her one of these days.


  2. Catherine I check the blog everyday. I'm glad things are going well and can't wait to see all of you. Love