Sunday, June 23, 2013


We are home from vacation!  We went to Gatlinburg, TN and then drove into North Carolina through the Smoky was fun!

A few days before we left for vacay Battley started having some stomach issues with her milk...or so I thought it was her milk.  It was awful on vacation.  I was back to spending an hour or more feeding her each time.  She was in pain from tiny bubbles in her stomach.  We called the nutritionist while out of town and ordered new milk to start the day we got home.  A few days into the new milk (which is Peptamin Junior by the way) there was no change.  Battley and I both spent the majority of one day last week crying together.  She cried because she was in pain...I cried because I couldn't do anything else to help her.  A few tricks later and we are at least making it until we can see the GI doc this week.

Then on top of the milk issue, Battley has been grinding her tooth against her gums so much that it has been bleeding.  We noticed her making a tooth on tooth grinding sound (awful!) Thursday night.  She only has one tooth!  After a good peek in her mouth with a flashlight we found out she has gone through the top gum...ouch!  Emergency trip to the dentist Friday morning!  The dentist says that some of her kiddos grind their teeth more when they have another issue going on...the milk issue I'm guessing!  Thankfully there is nothing much to worry about but I am praying for another tooth to come in soon.

Therapy is going really well!  Battley got a new piece of equipment for our house last's been fun to figure out how to work it.  She is doing a really good job holding her head up when we are holding her and working so hard to hold it up during tummy time! 

We spent most of the weekend moving furniture around to make room for baby.  The office moved to a cabinet in the breakfast room, so maybe I can find more time for blogging now that it's right beside me.

Time for dinner...more later


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