Thursday, May 30, 2013

pics and video

Had a few minutes to post some pics and video...the dogs went to the vet today and I have all this free time!

A few weeks ago at therapy we were trying to get B to hold her head up.  I grabbed a baby doll that was beside me and she loved off to the baby doll store we went!  Every gal needs a baby doll...she loves "baby"...not a very creative name, but it gives us a chance to work on the sign for baby.

Pool float ever.  We were told we could put her in the pool with her gtube, but I'm not ready just yet.  This float just lets her lay on the water.

Battley and I spend LOTS of time in the car together.  Sometimes it is because she needs to be fed when we are out and sometimes we are waiting on her brother...well, lots of times for that reason.  I get in the back and we play.  Here we are waiting on him to workout the other day.

Here's a video.  Watch her shake the rattle when I ask her to!!!!!

And as promised a video of her room.  I could have cleaned it and made it look picture perfect, but this is the way it really is...surprise, our house is always messy!  And we don't care!


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