Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We are FINALLY all well!  Battley is still using a little bit of oxygen at night.  Hopefully this won't last much longer.  It's hard to sleep when she had cords in the crib with her.

Hmmm...I haven't blogged in so long there are random things going on.

School is out for the Summer...HOORAY!  And the pool is open...Double Hooray!  Battley still loves her floatie from last year.

Battley's room is almost finished.  It's painted, everything is back on the walls, the cornice and curtains are up (which she LOVES...this sounds strange, but she now has the darkest room in the house...her FAVE), and we are still on the lookout for lamps.  I'll work on some pics soon.

Oh...and all of that is finished just in time to start on the other baby's room!  We WILL finish this room before this baby comes!

I am somewhere between 15 and 20 weeks pregnant...I can't keep up this time!  There is just too much other stuff going on.  I still get nauseous at night, but that seems to be less frequent now.  All is well with this baby.  We found out that we are having a BOY!!!  

We switched B to a pediatric formula (it's Boost Kid Essentials 30cal per oz) from her infant formula.  I'll just say we are still in the testing phase...haha!

We are packing up and heading out on a vacation!  I didn't think this would be possible for Miss B, but we are going for it!  Since the beach is totally out of the question for her, we let H choose any other place we could drive to.  Gatlinburg, TN is the place.  We have some good stuff planned that we can do with her!  Yay!  We haven't been anywhere with her except 2 soccer tournaments...should be fun!

This Friday is my last official day of work!  I am really excited for Amy to have taken my job...if you haven't heard it before best friend, Amy, has been hired and is up and running in my old job.  I couldn't be happier to pass such a great job on to someone I love so much.  And I couldn't leave my company with anything better than her.

Just for my record:
B weighs 12lb-7oz
oh...and she is having her first immunization tomorrow...this is quite the big deal for!


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