Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Checking In

This isn't even going to be a real has just been so long y'all are starting to call and text to check on us.  Thank you!

We are here.  We have all (except Adam) been sick.  We are still sick.  Once we feel better I will be back with lots of updates.

Battley seems to be doing well now.  She is her normal happy self again.  I listen to her often with a stethoscope just to know what her normal sounds are...this way if something is off I should know.  It's not something I do every day but just something I do when we have a few minutes on the changing table.  I did notice an extra sound with her breathing yesterday so we went back to the pediatrician today.  They did hear a "very small" amount of fluid in her left lung.  This could be normal...especially since she sleeps on that side.  We decided to do a different antibiotic and listen closely...should clear right up.  Prayers are always appreciated though!

We also had our first appointment with the maternal fetal specialist today to scan the new baby.  All looks great!!  Yay!!


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