Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Battley did not start school.  Thank you for your prayers.  It became very obvious to me around 2am one morning that it was not the right time.  She started having bubbles in her stomach again.  We went through this once last Spring and seemed to find the answer by switching her back to her infant formula.  She is still on that formula now so we had to come up with another solution this time.  I am hopeful that we have found the answer...Miralax!

Since B had a Nissen (surgery she had along with placement of her gtube) she is physically unable to burp or spit up...that is the point of this procedure.  So if she has a gas bubble that bothers her, we have to hook her gtube up to an empty syringe and let the bubbles out.  She was having horrible gas pains that made her scream.  When we would hook the syringe up to let the bubbles out, we would basically have to unfeed her to get them all out and then turn around and feed her again.  It was taking hours!  I couldn't imagine sending her to school and asking someone to sit and feed, unfeed, and then feed her again.  Plus, who wants to go be social when your belly hurts?

We have been about a week with only a few small issues.  We are still working out just the right combo of formula and coconut oil to have her feeling 100% again.  

On top of this, she has been teething...2 molars are on their way in and they are not being nice to her.  I've had to use Tylenol, Motrin, and Orajel.  She won't put anything in her mouth besides her finger so teething toys are out. 

We are working hard on her torticolis (tilting of her head).  I will admit that some days I feel overwhelmed by my lack of time to dedicate to working on her strength.  So while I am not blogging I am busy stretching that neck.

I also went to check out a new chair/stroller for her.  I don't see myself using it as a stroller while I have 2 babes to stroll but more as a chair for now.  It will be customized to fit her.  We should get in in a month or two.  I'm so excited about it because it will hold her upright and give me 2 hands to work on other things.  Normally to sit her up I am using both hands, arms, and some other part of my body...not easy to do other stuff like this.  The only seats we have for her now are for babies and keep her back very rounded.  So that we don't cause problems with her back, she spends a lot of time laying flat when I can't hold her...who wants to do that all day?  

I did share a little of Battley's story at church last week and how God has provided Hope at just the right times.  They did video it so I will try to post it once I have a copy.  I really appreciate all of you who prayed for me and those who came.  I would say I loved looking out and seeing all the T18 shirts, but I could not see a thing from the stage!  

Other than not getting enough rest, things are going well around here.  My main focus now is to help Battley with her neck so that she can sit by herself for longer periods of time...she can hold herself up sitting for a few seconds alone now!  Besides that I am going to have to move JM to his own hoo.  He is outgrowing the bassinet very quickly.  So far he isn't in love with his crib.  I have been reading online accounts of how moms did this while we are having feeding sessions in the night.  If you have a bright idea, send it my way!



  1. Hey! I just wanted to say I understand the guilt you sometimes feel, but I want to encourage you in that you are the best mama for all your kiddos and please don't feel guilty! As long as you are doing the best you can, that's all you can do! :) I pray that God will take away your guilt and replace it with joy and you see the fruits of your labor produced! Oh, and awesome accomplishment sitting up unassisted!! Big moment in your house! Will continue to pray for y'all!

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  3. I can't remember which of my kids hated their crib but I know one of them did too! I think what we did was put he/she in the bed during non-bed times so they could check it out and see it's a comfy place. Also, with Olivia, I had to spend lots of time patting her back while she was in the crib. I would sit on the floor and fit my arm (painfully at times) through the bars and pat her and shoosh her. I have found that babies can't cry and listen at the same time - so if you overstimulate them with your shooshing and the sound of a pat on the back, they stop crying!

    I agree not to feel guilty about the amount of time you are or aren't spending with B. Every little bit helps! I found that the times that I gave Olivia a break from therapy, she all of sudden would "get it". It even happens now with school. They push and push a subject at school. She goes on break and I don't push her at all. She returns to school and the teachers are like "great job working with her over break! She's made great progress". LOL...yeah..we worked hard "wink, wink".