Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prayers Needed

Battley still has something going on that we cannot figure out.  She seems to be okay during the day except for teething.  At night she is waking up sometimes multiple times each night screaming with gas.  Please pray with me that we find the cause of this so she can get the rest she needs at night and won't be in pain.

She also has another front tooth coming!  Most babies get a tooth in a few days.  Battley takes weeks and it is miserable for her.  I really am praying that she gets a break from teething.  She has basically been teething for a solid year!

Adam and I need some rest...really.  Every night we get our kids in bed and then starts the mad dash to get in bed and fall asleep before one wakes up.  JM will go for a good stretch before he wakes up, but about the time we get B settled is when he wakes.  We are literally getting them in bed and ignoring dirty dishes, laundry, everything except sleep...just so we get a little.

I took B to a new ENT yesterday.  He spent a lot of time with us and we made a plan.  Step one of the plan is to have a sleep study done.  Battley has...very obviously has...sleep apnea.  This is totally different than the apnea she had when she was a baby.  She has always had sleep apnea.  We knew it was something we should address some day but we had to find the right doc first.  If you want to google it, look up obstructive sleep apnea.  Many adults have this. will be about 6 weeks before we have the sleep study done.  Add this to the prayer list.  We may have some tough decisions to make in the future...or they could be easy ones.

Lastly...she isn't sick but has some major sinus junk going on.  I'm using the nebulizer on her multiple times each day and trying to keep her home if possible.  

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Praying for Miss B and all of you!

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  3. How disappointing that he could get a sleep problem at such a young age. But it’s a good thing that you consulted a specialist immediately to determine what the cause is and the possible treatment he needed. I hope you heard a good result on your ENT.


  4. Don't you think that her development of teeth maybe the reason for Battley's sleeping troubles? I hope you were able to learn the reason for all her inconvenience. If ever you have any concerns regarding her oral health, visiting trusted clinics is advisable.

    Elliot Bagley