Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stomach Issues

I'm typing from my phone and going to email Adam so he can post this.  Battley is again having some very serious stomach issues.  She is screaming as often as every 20 mins in pain and has not rested well in days.  She needs your prayers.  She is on oxygen this morning which is always scary for us.  H injured his left knee at soccer last week.  This is the same knee he had an ACL reconstruction on a year ago.  He has an MRI on Wednesday.  So far it appears to be something that will require surgery.  We are praying for the lesser of the 2...meniscus instead of ACL or both.  Please help us pray for him.  He is being very positive and working hard on not having muscle atrophy this time. Adam and I need your prayers too.  We are beyond tired...mentally and physically.  C

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