Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been a rough few days.  Battley has some kind of respiratory infection.  I will not go into too much detail but we have had a few moments we thought may be her last with us.  We are probably having hospice come again...kind of waiting to see how she does today.  She was stable overnight.  But only stable...not good.  She is on a lot of oxygen.  The cpap did not work but we will try another day.  Please keep praying for her.  Pray for her to get good rest, be able to cough and get junk out, for is to be able to wean her oxygen, for her stomach (she may have some gastroenteritis) and for total healing.  Thank you!

This is from a friend of a friend and so beautiful I wanted to share:

You are mighty and strong and because of your grace and love we can overcome this world! I pray you will draw close to this family. Give them the peace that surpasses all understanding! Give them endurance to endure all things. Give them strength when there is none left. Give them help when they least expect it. Give them love from unusual places. Give them hope from heaven! Lord, please don't let them focus on this life! It is only for a moment we are here. Set their sights in your heavenly kingdom! Lord, thank you for this temporary life. Thank you that it's only for a moment, and we have no time limit with you! Thank you for owning time! How precious you are and how much love you have for your children! Today is Valentine's day... Happy Valentine's Day, Lord. You gave the best love gift of all- the cross! I praise your strong and powerful name! I love you, Jesus. Amen
H has a partially torn ACL.  The doctor is hopeful he can rehab it and may not need surgery.  He will do pt 3x a week for 4 weeks and then we will check to see if healing has taken place.  If so, more pt.  if not, surgery.  

Jm has a double ear infection and a cold.  

Our friends and family are taking such good care of us.  I will probably be calling on many more for help (only those that are illness free though, please!  We can't bear any more here). We have clean laundry; a happy baby boy who has napped and been rocked and nebulized; more food than an army needs; an out of this world dr and his nurses; and best of all wonderful prayer warriors!  And green beans with pieces of heaven (bacon i think) in them according to Adam!


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