Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Plan

We saw the new GI doc yesterday.  Here is the new plan:

*add pedialyte to each feeding.  This stuff isn't cheap if you've ever bought it.  We use such a small amount and the label says to discard within 48 hours of opening it.  Doing a little research to see what we can do to make this more affordable.   I really don't like dumping it down the drain!  BUT...she has been getting a good amount of it the past 2 weeks and going to the bathroom...forget it...I've tried to be ladylike in the past...I'm tired...she's been poopooing!  We cheer for it around here!

*add Zantac to her dose.  
wait 2 weeks
add another dose
wait 2 weeks
subtract the Prilosec
wait 2 weeks
subtract a dose of Zantac
wait 2 weeks
subtract the other dose of Zantac

so...she should be off all reflux meds

*somewhere in those 2 week time periods we should be getting back with the doc

*we are also probably going to change her formula something more like real food.  I've looked into the idea of doing a blenderized diet for her...basically cooking raw foods and blenderizing them for her.  It's a lot of work and something I know NOTHING about.  In fact, I had to take Nutrition in college and it was awful and boring.  My brain just doesn't work that way.  BUT we will figure it out if we need to.

So...thank you all for your prayers.  It wasn't a quick fix like I was so hoping for.  God is obviously thinking I need to work on my patience lately.  

Battley's respiratory infection is all cleared up.  If you don't believe in the power of prayer, then let me just tell you that we held a lifeless body only 2 weeks ago a few times.  She is back to smiling now.  God is good and answers prayer.

She is still struggling with her stomach.  The daytime seems to be going better with the new meds we started last week...erythromicin.  The night is a whole different story.  She has been screaming in pain most all night for a long time.  It's so exhausting to try everything you know and nothing helps.  Please continue to pray for her...pray this new plan produces a resolution to her pain.  Thank you!




    If you visit the above blog, you can likely email the mom. She is basically the guru of blenderized diets for tube fed kiddos.

  2. Catherine, do you think it would help to contact the company that makes Pedialyte to see if it can be frozen? Maybe you already know the answer to that, but it seems to me it could be.