Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What a day!

What a day!  Battley seems to be feeling a little bit better.  Please keep the prayers coming.  She only woke up 2 times last night...whew!  She is having trouble breathing well, so she is still on some oxygen until she is more stable on her own.

Today I am working hard to get her oxygen where it needs to be so her sats stay where they need to be.  My trusty little helper (the oxygen saturation monitor) is beeping at us often.  Our other goals are to get JM to nap more than 45 mins at a time and get H to his MRI appt.

JM has a nasty sounding cough...just a cough, but send up a little prayer for him too.  We don't want him left out.

Never a dull moment here lately.  Her oxygen concentrator stopped working late yesterday after a technician came by for a routine check.  We have tanks, but those only last a few hours and would not get us through the night.  I called the oxygen company but they were gone for the day.  BUT God had a plan a few months ago when I had "a small issue" (not really...this woman was super rude to me and hung up on me twice) with our oxygen supplier.  I had to call the owner to get it straight.  You better believe I saved her number in my cell.  SO she got another call from me last night and had someone come right over to get us fixed up!  Funny how He works!!!  I really thought about changing suppliers after that last incident but something told me to hold tight.  So I will be thankful for our little broken machine bc who knows what God has in store next. 

Anyways, my mom and a dear friend came over to save me yesterday!  So thankful for them being able to do that!  I had a little nap and felt much better.  They also gave me a head start on my mountain of laundry. 

This pic was taken last night.  She was feeling much more herself!  Yay!

And today when we finish our MRI, we get to go meet our new "niece"...she isn't my niece by blood but by almost 30 years of friendship so I claim her as mine. 



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