Saturday, December 17, 2011

Big Al Mac

We are pug people. Catherine is a list maker. Here is one of her lists...
Pregnant women should NOT make major decisions like:
Deciding to renovate anything
Cutting your hair off
Getting a puppy

So what did she do? She got me a puppy for our anniversary in September! It was one of the only times in my life someone has truly surprised me.

This is Zeke. He's 3.

This is Mac. He's trouble!

Most people think we are Crazy for getting another dog when we are about to have a baby. He has turned out to be such a blessing in a way we never expected. We are always looking for things that make Battley move. Catherine's doctor said we are to treat this pregnancy like any other except that if she doesn't move for a day or two we are to go see him immediately. We noticed after a few days of having Mac that when he makes noise around C's belly, Battley moves all around. Pugs being pugs snort and snore a lot so it's so nice to have him around to snort with Zeke.

We have a regular doctor's appt tomorrow. There are lots of things to chat about...C has a we are praying we get the info we need to make the best decisions for Miss B.


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