Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Doc Appt

We had an appointment on Monday morning with my doctor. It was fairly uneventful. We discussed having a C-section so that I don't go through labor. Most babies with T18 don't do well with the stress of labor. I have to say that surgery of any kind is scary, but Adam and I are going to pray about what is best to do. We want so badly to hold her so we are willing to do whatever it takes. We go back in 3 weeks for another ultrasound! We will get to see if she's grown any and hopefully can tell more about her heart and esophagus. She was so small last time it was hard to really tell...9 oz.

The past week has been different. I have been praying for's hard to not lose hope sometimes. In church last week we heard the testimony of a man and wife who were fighting illness and decided they were going to give the illness to God and worship him no matter what the outcome. It was hard to hear...I even had to leave so I didn't boo hoo right then...the "ugly cry" as Oprah would say. I decided that my worry isn't going to help a thing and my God is my God no matter what the outcome is here. I've felt an overwhelming peace since then.

Fast forward back to the doctor's appt on Monday: our doc shared with us that a patient of his wants to talk to us. They had a child with T18 and were able to bring her home! Helloooo HOPE!!

More to come soon on the C and Turkey...apparently some people don't know what that is!


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