Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday update

I just have a few quick updates:

We planned to spend our weekend getting the house ready to put on the market.  We haven't decided that that is the right thing to do just yet, but all our projects happen on weekends and we only have 2 of those days a week.  H had a soccer tournament this weekend we did what we could between games.  Unfortunately Sunday morning he hurt his knee during the first game.  He laid on the ground in pain.  That is not like him so I knew he was hurt.  

We made our way to the local 24 hour clinic and on the way were reminded that it is FLU season.  If you have ever seen us in public with Battley, you know we have a routine.  One baby (everything else) cross contamination.  We use antibacterial wipes, carry our own pens to sign things, and keep B in her stroller so as to try our best to protect her.  I don't touch anything with my hands and then touch's even more interesting when it's just she and I in public.  

When I went to check H in to get his knee seen about, the wonderful ladies understood that I didn't want to expose B (she was home with her daddy, but expose her through us) to all the sick germs.  The waiting room was FULL!  They were so kind to let us go right back and we were in and out in less than an hour!  I shared the blog with them, so if you are reading...THANK YOU!

Then Battley's awesome friend MA got us in this morning at 7:45 to see the orthopedic doc!  She even met us in the waiting room and stayed with us until we got back in the car.  Huge help because it was pouring rain!  Thank you, MA!!

All that to say that H is on the schedule for surgery for a torn ACL next!  Any prayers you can say for him would be greatly appreciated!  Not only is his knee hurting, but having an injury is hard on a teenage boy that is as active as he likes to be.  He is already counting the sports seasons he will miss.  

It's been an interesting day of helping him instead of having him to help around...he is planning to milk this for all he can.  He's already had wings (his fave meal) one time.

Now, another prayer request and something I just want to share:
I have been asked to share Battley's story at UMC (local university hospital) this week.  The point of the meeting is not to hear Battley's story, but to use her story and a few others as an open discussion starter.  I am extremely honored to be asked.  The topic is HOPE.  My hope in this is that my words be inspiring and helpful to someone listening.  I have to admit that I am also pretty pumped about any chance to share that it IS possible for a baby with T18 to be born alive and enjoy life.  So often people get their hope (or lack of hope) from statistics.  We found our hope in God and through my awesome T18 momma friends.  

Gotta run...lots to do!

Here is a funny pic I will leave you with:
Notice the bones from wings...yeah, he never leaves anything on the bones!  The sheet over the sofa is because he just played a soccer game and was sweaty!  and do you like his "tv tray"?  It contains ornaments for a tree I def decided today is NOT going up this year.  If you're wondering what the spray bottle is for...that's for keeping Mac (pug) from putting his hands on the sofa.  But isn't that love soooo sweet!!!  Love them!


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  1. I love that pic! The bond that B and H have is beautiful! She is so lucky she has a big brother to always protect her! H will be up and running in no time..that surgery seems almost routine for young athletes and they are back out there in 6 weeks.

    Merry Christmas!