Thursday, February 21, 2013

48 weeks

48 weeks today!!

* Therapy is going GREAT!  It's fun for me to learn the "correct" ways to teach B!  These therapists we are working with really know their stuff!

* We have been to the doctor a few times this week and have one more appt to's the scoop so far:

B will have a gtube placed next Friday, March 1st!  She is also going to have the nissen fundoplication.  It's a long story why we chose to go ahead and do this, but we feel pretty comfy with this decision.  While we were at the surgeons office he sent us for an upper GI study.  This was similar to the swallow study B did a few weeks ago.  This time they pushed the barium through her ng tube and watched where it went.  Remember a while back when I was pregnant with B...they never saw a stomach present on the sonogram.  We have just assumed she had one all this time.  Well...I am happy to report that all is "NORMAL" (exact words used by doc) with her GI system!  Woo-hoo!

This surgery will be a 3-5 day stay in the hospital.  I was not expecting that, but we will work it out.

Then we had a consult with the plastic surgeon yesterday about correcting her palette.  It was a great appt.  We will report back in 3 months...B is too small to do anything just yet but is a "good candidate" for having this done!  yay!

* We have been almost 3 days without spit up!  I have been praying about this like crazy and I think the exercise helps too!

Some pics from the past few weeks:

a visit from B's friend:

B with her Meem and Pock (on his 65th bday):


This gal is happy all the time...this was at the doc office:


  1. Aww I was hoping I'd be working when she had her surgery! Hope y'all will get to go to the second floor after! My friends will be working. Will be praying!!

  2. Good News! Great photos, so cute. cant wait!