Monday, February 25, 2013

dinner at the table

We ate dinner AT THE TABLE this week!
This is B in the feeder seat at the table.  She liked it for a while and then was too sleepy but yay for another first for us!

B hasn't spit up (with 2 small exceptions) in almost a week!  I read a scary article about Mirilax a few weeks ago and we worked to find something else to take the place of that.  I'm certainly not a "crunchy granola chick" as Adam likes to say, but I would always rather go the natural route before going the medicine route.  We had tried prune juice in the past with not much luck.  I decided to give it another shot last week.  With that and additional water WE HAVE A WINNER!  FINALLY!  Praise the Lord...I am so thankful!

We are still scheduled for surgery on Friday.  


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