Monday, July 22, 2013

Phone pics

I really have no news to report...B's stomach issues are about the same.  We saw her palliative care doc today and got a few new ideas.  I am just waiting on the GI doc to call me back before we move forward.  I don't think I've done us any favors by trying to be positive with the GI doc previously, so today I tried very hard to be a Negative Nancy to get the point across that it's not a good situation and we need a solution. 

Every few weeks Adam will show me something on his phone and I will discover that he is hoarding pics on his phone that I've never seen.  Here are the latest findings:

Pic of me and my #1 girl on the porch at the Fryemont...vacation!!

And Zeke got to take a little trip without Mac this weekend!  He loved it!  H sent me this pic from the trip home:

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