Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday update

It is that time again...time for me to post because you are all checking in on us to make sure we are here.  B and I have been SUPER busy with bubbles...I wish I could say that this was something fun, but it is not.

After a GI appt we decided to change her reflux medicine from Prilosec to Zantac.  The goal was to step down from the Prilosec, use Zantac for 6 weeks, stop the Zantac, change milk in a few weeks (back to the Boost), and then add a vitamin.  The plan was in action for 2 days before we realized that it was not going to work...AT ALL!  We changed back to Prilosec quickly.  Poor B has bubbles in her stomach with almost every feeding that take a long time (sometimes over an hour) to get out.  They hurt her poor stomach.  I have tried everything I can think of to make it better.  We will call the doctor again Monday morning to see if she can think of another route.  

Once the bubbles are out of her tummy she feels great.  During those times we have been busy with doctor appointments (B, H, and I), hauling H to his practices, pool time, and a few very small house projects.

I just ordered this for B:

It's not super attractive, but she does have torticollis and this should help.  She will only wear it at home for a few hours each day.  It's not bad at this point so this device should correct it quickly.

She also has a new positioning device.  They have this same piece of equipment at therapy.  There are tons of different ways to use it...we have had fun figuring out all the ways that work for us.  It's called a Tadpole and made by TumbleForm.  Here is a pic of some of the pieces: tadpole  We have a few more.  Battley's awesome Physical Therapist helped us order one...this is one of those things that, at least for me, isn't common knowledge...I would have never known we could get our own or where to get it.

B is also working on having her immunizations!  This is something we never thought was important before, but certainly a must do now.  She has had 3 so far and all have gone well!  Yay!

Oh...the new rug!  You won't believe this!  First let me show you a snippet of our rug in the living room:
It's not like I go around taking pics of stuff in our house so that pic will have to do.  I love this's a grasscloth with a wide cotton binding.  It is AWFUL on your feet!  We always wear socks or hop quickly to the sofa...haha!  It basically makes our living room unusable for playing on the floor.  

The company I used to work for GAVE us a piece of carpet...well, I should say they gave Battley a piece of carpet for her living room!  Can you believe that?  After all they have done for our family, they did that too!!!  They also put a pad on it and bound it for us!  So...I'll have to work on a pic of it all together, but here it is when we rolled it out...I was so excited to walk on it with bare feet that we didn't straighten it out:

It's wonderful!  Battley loves it too!

My goal for the next few weeks is to take care of the next issue in the living room: the front doors.  We need shutters or blinds for them so that we can use this room more...remember my gal doesn't like bright lights.  Hopefully this will be easy!

Just a few random pics:

And finally a few blogs I'd like to send you to:

* This is a friend who could really use some prayers this month...she has 2 babies in Heaven both born in July.  Her baby boy had T18.  She doesn't update her blog often, but please pray for this beautiful woman as she faces her hardest month.

* A former customer of mine is having a sweet baby boy very soon.  He will need heart surgery shortly after his birth.  His parents are living away from home during this...which is something I can't even begin to imagine.


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