Friday, July 26, 2013


We switched back to B's infant milk on Tuesday.  Thursday was our GI doc appt.  Things seemed to be going much better by the time we made it to the doc!  Sooooo...we think we have found the culprit!!!  The pediatric formula B was using has a vanilla flavoring added to it.  This increases the OSMOLALITY of the milk.  It's a new word for me.  I had to Google it when we got home.  Basically we think that if we use an unflavored milk it should solve the problem!  I am so excited and thankful for this discovery.  We are already able to give her her milk at a more normal rate and she seems happier and more comfortable!!  Thank you all for your prayers!

I also discovered another new word this morning.  Photophobia.  It is something another t18 friend has been diagnosed with.  B is SUPER sensitive to heat and light.  When she is in light that is too bright she closes her eyes and often sneezes.  We cover her eyes even on the way to the car in the driveway.  She also has a blanket we use as an extra sunscreen in the car.  It looks like B probably has this photophobia which can cause pain when her eyes are exposed to too much light.  Yay for figuring things out!  It can be hard to guess what is going on with your child when they can't talk to you with words...thankfully B is super in tune with her Momma and is so good at getting her point across!!  I will be extra careful now with those sweet eyes!

Happy Friday!

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