Sunday, August 18, 2013


B has been a good while this weekend with no fever.  It's back tonight!  It's only gotten up to 100, but please keep praying for her!

We are off bright and early in the morning...yes, this will be week 3 of doc appts almost every day!  The tentative plan is to do another blood culture and have an echo done.  We will go to the doc office first, then possibly to the ER for blood to be drawn (maybe this can be done in the office, but poor B is all bruised from all the sticks in the past 2 weeks so they may not even try there), then to another clinic for the echo.  Hopefully after all that we will stay out of the doc office until Thursday when we have a regular appt with another doc!

Even though B doesn't feel 100%, she was still smiling and laughing today!  She's such a trooper!


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