Monday, July 15, 2013

Keep the Prayers Coming

Thank you so much for all your prayers.  I think things are looking a little better after this weekend!  Praise the Lord!  She is still having some issues with gagging, but the bubble problem seems to be much better.  It's been a rough schedule and we have stuck tightly to it...maybe this is just us getting ramped up for being up all night with a new baby??

If you're wondering how we did this:
5:30am - dose of Prilosec
6:00am - dose of Karafate
7:00am - milk and water with gas drops and dose of Flagyl
11:00am - dose of Karafate
12:00pm - milk and prune juice with gas drops and dose of Flagyl
4:00pm - dose of Prilosec
4:30pm - dose of Karafate
5:30pm -  milk and water with gas drops and dose of Flagyl
9:30pm - dose of Karafate
10:30pm - milk and water with gas drops
We brought out the feeding pump for this last feeding because she was asleep and we thought it would be easier on her tummy for the milk to be slower.
That's it...there is no other news here except for sticking to this schedule!

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  1. I wanted to actualy comment on the Zantac and stomach pain. My youngest has very severe reflux, still using meds at age 2 1/2. In any case we first used Zantac and I have never heard her scream so hard and she basically cried her first year of life. She continued this and had horrible stomach pains even a few days after stopping it. I discontinued the meds and at her next appointment we did use generic prilosec and saw some relief. 2 years later we are still on generic prilosec and it works well. We have learned that the pre-mixed medicine is not as good and contains alcohol. So if you can, go for the compounded one.