Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tot Collar

The progress has been slow, but it has been PROGRESS!  Miss B's stomach is getting better each day!  We are all exhausted from this crazy, wacky schedule.  Hopefully we will be back to a regular schedule next week!

The Tot Collar came in.  I have a pic to post from her PT session this week.  She did NOT like putting it on but doesn't seem to mind it once it's on.  Her neck did exactly what it was supposed to do the second it was on!  She needs to wear it as long as she can tolerate it and I have my eyes on her every day.  I have very high hopes for this.

We are getting ready for school in a few weeks...ahhhhhhh!!!!!  I am SO not ready for this!  My baby is going to High School!!!!  And will be getting his driver's permit next month...ahhhhh!!! 

Here is a little pic of Battley snuggling with her daddy one night:


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