Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Coconut Oil

After doing some research and consulting with all our docs, we have decided to try giving B a dose of Coconut Oil each day.  Some of our T18 friends have tried this and have had great results with more advanced talking/babbling than they have had before.  There doesn't seem to be any actual research supporting this, but there is a lot of chit chat about using coconut oil with people who have Alzheimer's.  Here is a link to Rebekah's page that talks all about their experience with it: Rebekah

We gave B her first dose on Friday.  It's just an experiment...we shall see!

Here is a quick video of B I took today at the DMV.  She is working so hard on her reaching!  A few weeks ago she wouldn't lift an arm to do this!

What were we doing at the DMV??  H got his driver's permit!!

And a little pic of B checking out her bro...the love!

We have an appt early tomorrow morning for a swallow study.  They will feed B some special food that will show on an x-ray and watch to see what she does with it.  Our hope is that she swallows it and it goes down the right way with no choking or gagging.  If this happens we will work on some more bites of food in speech therapy.  I wish I could go in with her, but since I'm a preggo I can't.


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