Monday, September 30, 2013


B is sleeping soundly while I blog.  Poor gal had a few immunizations this morning.  She is getting all caught up though...yay!

We have a week full of appointments this week...most of them early in the morning.  We are trying to get all caught up with everything before baby comes so that we can hunker down at home for a few weeks after he gets here.

I was sick all weekend and quarantined myself in our bedroom so I didn't spread nasty germs to Battley.  I actually missed her even though we were in the same house!  Ha!

Hmmm...what else is going on:
H is finishing up one sport in the next few weeks and then we are on to the next one.  I'm so proud of him...he beat his best race time from pre-injury this past weekend.  He wouldn't be happy I posted this pic, but he doesn't read this...hehe!

For some reason we forgot to check the mail on Saturday so Sunday afternoon I had a surprise in the mailbox!  I entered a contest on a friend's blog and winnings were in the mail.

Now this is what I was supposed to win:

She sent some extras and some FUN bows for Miss B too!  What a way to perk up a sick weekend!  She started making and selling hairties and bows...oh, and on the side she is an architect!  So is her twin sister!  They are too cute!  She has been praying for Battley since we found out she has T18.  I never knew how inspirational she was until I started reading her blog...and yes, I read the whole thing in one day!  So I asked her permission to share her blog.
I hope you find it as inspirational as I do!


Oh...and for Tracy who posted a comment about the camera.  Adam says to tell you that we also have a video monitor that we got from Target for inside the house.  It is made by Summer.  You can see it on the pics I just posted of B's nursery.  The monitor allows you to move the camera back and forth so you could watch the baby and the pulse/ox.  Ours doesn't run over wi-fi.  It does interfere with it sometimes though.  H turns the camera off to listen to his ipod when he mows.  I can send you the model if you are interested.


  1. It's so sweet that you wrote about me and my blog. I have to tell you though, I don't make the bows and hairties, it's my older sisters company. She and her husband moved to Eupora almost 6 months ago to start their manufacturing business- I just try to show everyone what awesome stuff they make!

  2. Thanks so much for letting me know about the other video monitor you use. Yes, if you have the model number that would be great. I never thought about getting one that could pan both the baby and the monitor. I've been stalling the purchase in hopes that we won't need the oximeter much longer but its time :). You can send it to my email. Thanks again and best of luck with the new baby!