Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stroller & Stuff

So we are getting down to the end of this pregnancy...thank goodness!  Less than 6 weeks to go!  I have been doing some stroller research, which I will gladly admit sometimes included running down mommas and asking them how they liked their stroller.

We have 2 strollers now...both are just strollers anyone can buy commercially.  Since we now need a double stroller, which will be an investment, I wanted to make sure we get one that will last a good while.  My requirements are: it hold 2 infant carriers, it hold 2 children who sit up, it hold one sitting and one in a carrier, it has storage for all Battley's stuff, it is lightweight, I would prefer that if I am spending a lot on it that it also convert back to a single stroller for when it's just B and I, and most importantly it have a seat for Battley that can always face me.  The last requirement is HARD to find in a commercially available stroller...yes I could go find a medical stroller, but those suckers are heavy and probably 4 times the price!

So here it is:


It's called a Baby Jogger (brand) City Select (style) stroller.  It comes as a single and you add the parts to make a double.  Guess what?  It's NOT CHEAP! meets all my requirements and look at everything it can do:'s where I need help: I'd like to find a used one that is in decent shape that I can buy.  If you don't mind, please keep your eyes open for me if you know of anyone/anywhere that may have one for sale.  THANK YOU!

Battley's room is finally finished!  I will try to post photos this week.

H started his first JOB this week!  I am so proud and just pray that we have instilled a good work ethic in him.  He is very excited to start making his own am I!  My friend Amy and I had our first real job together (not counting baby sitting and working for family).  I will never forget when we realized that all people do not have a strong work ethic.  We would go home tired after working and ask each other why we were getting paid the same amount as folks who weren't pulling their weight...ha...good lesson to learn early on!

H is working but also doing something he loves...he's reffing soccer games.

My gal is fussy today...I'm hoping it's just a tooth!  Off to see what I can do...


Oh...I've posted twice today so read on...


  1. Catherine, if you have friends who are good with Craigslist, get them on it!! I'd put my niece Katie on it because she's a whiz, but she's in Atlanta, so we couldn't do you a lot of good. I'm amazed at what can be found on CL. Your local friends can also post on FB - that's also where I get recommendations for people to do work at my house - new roof, electrician, lawn, etc.

  2. Thanks for your tip on the camera. I have been looking for one for the house that does not have a delay (which happens when they work over wifi) so I can see the oximeter numbers when it alarms. I think this may work!