Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan 6th Doc Appt

Where to start???

Agenda for doctor's appointment today:
Glucose Test
Chat with Dr. G

I failed the ole glucose test.  For those of you who have never done this before, here's the scoop: 
it is designed to screen for gestational diabetes
you are supposed to eat a "balanced diet" for breakfast (I had one bite of Life cereal)
wait 2 hours
drink the "fruit punch" aka nastiest, sweetest drink you will ever taste...Adam took a sip and said it tasted like someone mixed Kool Aid with 3 packets of Crystal Light drink mix
then they draw your blood once you get to the doctor's office

I was only over by 5 points...silly me thought he'd let it slide.  Sitting in the waiting room is hard enough...I surely didn't want to make an extra trip to do it again.  Now I have to go back for 3 more tasty drinks one morning next week.

On to the ultrasound...our technician's name was Lori and I think we love her.  She took so much time with us and went over every detail of our questions.  We checked out all the problems we previously saw.  You know I'm a list girl, so here we go:
*kidney malformations - saw little to no fluid today
*structural heart defects - confirmed the VSD (hole in one chamber)
*esophageal artresia - not sure yet
*growth deficiency - our girl was eating this past month...she's up to 2lbs ("normal" would be 2.5-3lbs right now)
*clenched hands - we saw her open one hand a few times; the other one is clenched, but this is purely physical
*choroid plexus cysts - GONE (those are cysts in the brain)
*mother can have excess amniotic fluid - same

Thank you, Lord!  And thank you for all your prayers!  We know that these positive results do not change her diagnosis, but we also know that the Lord is in control here and we consider these miracles for Battley.

It was so much fun to see her.  She had the hiccups during the cute to see. 

After talking to Dr. G we added a few things to our list of to-dos:
*meet with the neonatologist (baby doctor that will be there when she is born)
*go back to the maternal fetal specialist that did our in depth ultrasound and amnio for more info on the esophageal artresia
*while we are there we will meet with a cardiologist to look at her heart and learn more about that
*go back for the yummy drinks aka glucose test round 2
*we decided to have the 3d ultrasound's just for fun, but another chance to see her (my doctor's office only does still pictures of this, so if you know of somewhere that does video let me know...I'll be checking around in the next week)

A pic of our sweet girl

It was a great appointment!   Again, thank you for your prayers.  Now we are going to be praying for her heart to heal.  Adam read an article today that talked about how this problem can heal up to and after the time of birth.  That's just medicine though...we are relying on the Great Physician!

Here's how we are going to celebrate all the good news:

Petits Fours from Beagle Bagel...they will melt in your mouth! 

I pray you all have a blessed weekend.  


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  1. Wonderful post! We are continuing to pray for you all and are celebrating with you!

    Now I want some petit fours!