Thursday, October 11, 2012

29 weeks

This has been a rough week. I try so hard to be positive and count all my blessings...I have tons to be thankful for, but this week has still been hard. Sweet Ava Grace, our friend with T18, left to be with Jesus. I know she is having a blast, but it is hard for those left here with empty arms. Please say a prayer as you are reading this for her family. I know they need comfort right now.

I've also had cabin fever this week...big time. We are due for a change up around here. B and I spend most of the day in the bedroom. She naps on and off and it's a cool place that's not too sunny (her favorites). We have a grasscloth rug in the living room that is rough on feet so we never sit on the floor. The guys are going to have to swap it for one from the other room this week so we have somewhere softer to hang. We got B a play mat she has liked wiggling around on lately...she can almost roll over, but I don't think she would ever want to. We put her on her tummy once in the hospital and she acted like she couldn't breathe...probably couldn't. Hopefully a change of room scenery will help!

B is 29 weeks old today! Wow!! She is having a good week this week. Her breathing is more labored than it was a month ago, but in Battley fashion she is a happy camper...always smiley! She is up to 8lb-11 or 12oz now. We have officially put all our preemie clothes in a bin (except for a few nightgowns). She is loving the cooler weather when it's not sunny! I've never been much for cold weather, but I am looking forward to more chilly days for B.


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