Sunday, October 21, 2012


We had a really good week this week.  Battley and I actually even ran a few errands alone on Thursday!  Then Friday after school we ran to the shoe store with H...this kid has more shoes than I do!  

B has been feeling really great this week.  Her tube seems to be bothering her a lot more though and as she gains better control of her hands she is learning how to pull it out faster since her momma and daddy are always looking.  She has learned how to rub her face on something to get the tape to move over and make an bigger space for her finger to snag it out.  She can do it so quickly you don't see it coming now!  We tell her she is being sneaky.

She is loving this new play mat we got her.  The pugs think we got it for them though so it's a chore to keep them away! 
Sorry some of my pics are so dark...B doesn't like bright light so we sit in the dark a lot.

She sat in the bumbo for a minute...she can't hold her head up for more than a few seconds at a time just yet so this was just so see if she liked it.

Saturday H had a cross country meet in Starkville.  The original plan was to come back home after the race, but we decided since we were there we should stay for the game.  H had a good run...4th place:
So after we had some lunch and hung out a while I chickened out and went back home...couldn't be away from my gal for that long!  Meem and H stayed for the game.
So anytime I go anywhere Adam sends me pics of B while I'm out...we usually send him a pic when he's at work too.  He sent me this one of her passed out:
I was home in time to snuggle her while we looked for H and Meem on tv!

Happy Sunday!  

I have another shirt pic of my friend's daughter (she and H went to preschool together...ugh time flies...that seems like yesterday) taken from the new Harbor House on the coast (new b/c it was destroyed by Katrina)!  Beautiful...the girl and the view!


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  1. Love Battley's pic on her new mat. She looks so much bigger. Congrats to Hayden I'm impressed. We watched the game on tv. Hope they do even better next week. OR State 's game followed MSU's.