Thursday, October 18, 2012

30 weeks

Today my gal is the BIG 3-0!  30 weeks!  

We had a long night last night and were up bright and early this morning for a few things we had to do.  I'm just stopping in the office for a few minutes to throw a few bills into the mailbox and answer the questions you left on the last post...

Does B ever use a bottle? No

Will she ever?  It's not in the plans now...who knows what God has planned, but for now the answer is no.

Because of the large hole in her heart and her open palette (the roof of her mouth is open to her nose) we chose not to even really try the bottle with her.  We probably spent a total of 10 minutes in the hospital with a bottle.  It didn't go well so we didn't push it.  We are SO thankful that all we have to contend with (machine wise) is a feeding pump.  We could be hauling a large oxygen tank everywhere we go (we do have a small one we take with us in case of emergencies and have them at home too, but rarely use them).  Sucking and swallowing are the 2 of the things babies do that require the most physical "doing this" for her we are saving her heart from working overtime.  T18 babies aren't known for their skills in this department anyways and many that we know of use either a tube in the nose (NG) or a G tube that goes into the stomach.  The open palette is just icing on the cake for reasons not to do a bottle...the milk would come out of her nose which would be no fun and painful.

What's new in Battley's world this week...She:
* weighs 8lb-13.5oz
* is ticklish on her feet...oh my gosh this is so stinkin cute!


PS- I love to hear from you...thanks for the questions!  Robin is wonderful (she made Battley's dress for her dedication)!  And it is SO touching to hear that you are praying for our gal!  THANK YOU!

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