Friday, October 26, 2012

31 weeks

Battley is 31 weeks!  This week she:
* is really working hard on sucking just her thumb...she has to straighten it out for this...she is so determined and wants zero assistance
* weighs 9lb-2.5oz
* is eating 80mL of milk every 4 hours (except 11pm and 3am when we just use the largest syringe we have...60mL) and a yummy gerber apple and prune juice mix once a day
* tried drinking out of a bottle...I literally put 10 drops in it and about 4 made it in her mouth...she liked it but wasn't sure what was was just a little test to see what she would do
* got her first costume...she may wear it tomorrow so I'll post a pic if she does
* had a visit from Santa and Mrs Claus:

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