Monday, July 29, 2013

Milk Milk

B and I have been busy, busy, busy!  We had a total of 4 doc appts last week.  One of those appts was for shots only.  She had 3 at a time this time.  By Saturday morning she was running 102 fever!  Luckily we have just found a pediatrician with an after hours clinic!  So off to doc appt #5 we went on Sat morning.  You never know what kind of doc you will get when you are just seeing the person on this I mean there are docs out there that give us the brush off because she has t18...they don't care to see us...not sure why, but it is what it is.  I prayed the whole way there that this doc would be accepting.  He could not have been nicer!!  Seemed B had a reaction to the combo of shots and all was better by Sunday afternoon!

Today my gal is napping peacefully while I type.  She had a great first feeding!  This infant formula is working so much better!  I spent most of the morning on the phone between our insurance company and the compounding pharmacy...some days I really feel dragged down by this and just want to cry, but today worked out in the end!

We are switching back to a compounded version of Prilosec instead of the kind you mix with water at home.  It's just one of those Momma gut feelings that I know will work better for her.

And on a somewhat random note, I just want to share about one of my loves in life:
When I was in college, H and I would listen to a radio show in the mornings called Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.  I love these people and they feel like a real part of our lives because we have listened for so long.  It is broadcasted from where near us, but wherever we have lived we have always found a way to listen.

One of the things I always knew about Kidd but didn't really understand how special it was until recently is that he has a charity called Kidd's Kids.  Once a year he takes a group of kiddos who have terminal or chronic medical conditions and their families to Disney.  Sounds simple enough but I never before Battley was born really thought about what this probably means to these families.  These are people who have maybe had one parent give up their career, probably don't have extra money because of their medical bills, it may be just downright hard to haul all the medical equipment they have, or they get left out because they are different...I could go on about possible reasons these families have for not being able to do a vacation.  Kidd's Kids actually finds a way to get these kiddos on a plane and makes sure they can really enjoy a week of no doc appts and just loving Mickey.

So, Kidd passed away at one of his charity events over the weekend.  We are feeling pretty sad about it around here.  I suppose I am sharing because I feel strongly that this is a great mission and I hope that the rest of his team can keep it going.  Check it out here: Kidd's Kids


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  1. The compounded version definately works better, just hard to get right now. We actually get ours from Target. Our compound pharmacy in the area does not even have it. Our GI doctor is against the pre-mixed stuff.
    That is a very specal charity.