Wednesday, April 11, 2012

20 days old!

Battley Cate will be 3....THREE (that's me shouting)...weeks old tomorrow! Wow! It seems like such a short time ago that we were wondering if she would be born alive, yet it seems like I've known her forever.  If you can't tell, I'm pretty crazy about that gal!

So, here is a pic of Hayden and B from the tennis match yesterday...taken after we got home. I almost forgot to take a pic with all the excitement of taking her out and doing a feeding while we were out.
and H doing what he thinks photographers tell you to do:
And here's a better shot of her outfit. I had it made to surprise H...for his own little cheerleader.

He is so sweet with her...don't tell him I said that. He reads to her every night...and sometimes changes the words to the story so he thinks it's funny too.

We have stacks like this all over the house right now:
I want to read her every book ever written, but for now we will stick to the ones we have.  Adam wants to read her every one we have at least once.

We got this book in the mail yesterday:
Wow!  If you've never read this one, you may need a box of kleenex to get through it.  I will have to share some of the words later...they are perfectly fitting for any parent to read to their baby.  The illustrations are beautiful on top of that.

Today we had our photographer come bright and early...well 9am seems bright and early when you don't sleep much at night. Ha! I took Battley's feeding tube out for this and prayed that it would go back in as easily as it did when we were in the hospital.

Oh and I should thank my mom for getting Adam's white shirt last night, Amy for bringing me her hair straightener last night (mine broke yesterday), and Abbey for loaning me a maternity shirt that fits...a whole other topic I could go into but will save you from: what to wear after baby? Who wants to keep wearing one, but that's what fits! Well...unless you're one of the ladies who looks like you just stuffed a basketball up your shirt, but that's not me! is a sneak peak at some of the pre photo sitting around:

and photo shoot:
B's tube went right back in! I know that seems like a small thing, but it was feeding time and we had no backup plan. Now, if you need a straight line cut or drawn don't call me. The tube has this tape that holds it down so she doesn't pull it out. It's called tegaderm, and it comes in sheets. You have to cut it down to the right size and (today) put it on a moving target. I am not good at this! In the past I've done it when she was sleeping. If you are a cutting or taping expert, please stop by...I have a project for you. I will have to wait until she's sleeping later and get out the ole glasses to do a better job.

Anyhow, the photo session was great. Our awesome photographer is Jennifer Rutledge. She was so patient. She would put B in a position and hold her there for a minute until she got comfy before she took pics.

This afternoon we put the apnea monitor on so I could take a nap. I haven't done this during the day yet, but lack of sleep was catching up with me. She's still sleeping and I feel refreshed!

Please, if you have a minute, thank God for the wonderful 20 days he has given us and pray for Anna's mom (who just lost Anna after a few hours with her) and Amy (who is pregnant with a baby girl with T18).  Thank you!


  1. Thank you for sharing....Battley is a true Child of God. The pics are great and even Adam and Hayden look good!! My family prays for each of you each day...Terry

  2. Thank you for all your posts...I'm in love with her too!