Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling Better

We made a little trip to the pediatrician's office this afternoon just because we didn't want the weekend to start and not be able to see a doc. She said she should be okay now that her fever has gone down. Yea!!

B was fussy all afternoon, and I think she wore herself out. We got home and rocked for a bit. Now she's napping next to her daddy.

Check out this cute book bag that was waiting on her when we got home...full of good books we didn't have too!

This other surprise was in my inbox today:

Jennifer sent a few pics from our session on Wednesday. I think they are all my favorites. It was fun to hang out with her while she worked...the last time she took pics of B was the day she was born and I was out of it.

My mom is coming over tonight to help with the nighttime feedings so we can sleep more than an hour at a time!! Yea for Meme! By the way...I keep typing "Meme" but it was shortened to Meem a few years ago by H. I just didn't know how to spell Meem.

And just for me in case I can't remember later...B weighs 4lbs-2oz.


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