Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday evening update

It's Tuesday night around 7:30.  Battley has had a number of apnea spells today and when she's not having one she has been sleeping.  It takes her body a long time to recover from one since her heart has to work so hard to pump blood while she isn't breathing.  It's best that we not have any visitors until she can recover from this for a bit.  She really likes for it to be cool, dark, and quiet; so we are doing our best to make it that way for her.

I don't want to go into details about the apnea spells but please pray specifically for her not to suffer and for Adam, Hayden, and I to have strength emotionally and physically.

Thank you all for your prayers!  They are so much appreciated.

As promised, I wanted to share about her dress from Sunday.  A friend of mine from High School saw our story quite a few months ago and shared it with her mother.  Her mother contacted us right away because she is the National Chair for We Care...this is a group of people from the Smocking Arts Guild of America that sews for babies in the NICU.  Normally they don't know the children they are sewing for, but she asked if she could make a dress specifically for Battley.  Of course!  We were honored!  Here is a close up of the is so beautiful.  I love the bow at the bottom!  Thank you, Robin!
My Aunt Anita, who lives in Oregon and made B's blanket, made these for her and they came in the mail yesterday!  She should sell these on Etsy!  So stinking cute!  Then Ab stopped by and got to hold B for the first time...pic below.
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