Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday morning

Battley and I are home alone for a few...she's sleeping in the bassinet beside me. The guys went to soccer. Meme is on the way because my Gramma is coming to meet B today!

Last night was much better. My mom spent the night and helped with the 2 and 5am feedings.

Thank you all for the prayers for our gal!! Please also pray for H, Adam, and our parents.

Mac and Zeke love her so much. Mac keeps putting his chin on the bouncy seat to look at her...don't worry, he's not allowed any closer!

I walked into the bedroom to see this yesterday:

Please excuse the's a work in progress/on hold. But the headboard is here now thanks to my dad who picked it up for us. It may be in the dining room for a while though.

H was brushing her hair...ha! He did a few "DOs" and then settled on the one she started with. Bald babies are obviously not in my genes.

Oh, and on the subject of hair...I did it! I held out on cutting my hair off until after B was born. Lauren from Kosmos (she's great...go see her) came over and cut my hair on Thursday...just a trim...had too much. How's that for service??

Have a blessed Sunday,

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